Thursday, August 30, 2007

Snow on the Mountains

This morning, I took the Twins to Daycare; they have 2 three-hour sessions there each week, to give me a break...on the way home, I saw the snow on the mountains; it's just beautiful! Reminds me what a great place this is to live!

I think I've answered at least 4000 questions on TV Trivia so far this week, perhaps I should slow down a bit huh? I've written quite a few, too...about 50 or so...

I adjusted the steering column on my car today - this means that I don't bump my knees any more, when getting out of the car! YAY! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Facebook, and A New Addiction

Well, currently I'm getting a little more into Facebook, as some of my 'Net friends have invited me on there. We've exchanged virtual "drinks," gifts, etc...and now I'm hooked on TV Trivia! Answering questions correctly is fun, as long as it's NOT Lost, King of Queens, Scrubs, Roseanne, Heroes, Charmed, Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls, CSI or Grey's Anatomy. However, I'm GREAT at answering Q's on Sex and the City, M*A*S*H, The Simpsons, Coronation St, Friends, Full House, Family Guy, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Golden Girls and even Doctor far, I'm up to Virtuoso level.....

Lunar Eclipse

BRRRR! GOLLY-GOSH, it's cooollllld this morning! I've got the heater on now, it's taken the chill off the air....

Last night, Margaret, Jamie & I stepped outside to see the Lunar Eclipse! It was the first one I can recall seeing, though I have seen other astral phenomena in the, seeing the comet, Hally Bop on the Isle of Wight! It was a bit cloudy, but we could definitely see it. Interesting!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More UNDIE 500 News!

Well, after an amusing Friday night meeting & observing various Undie 500 students, it was sad to see that some of those that I saw were involved in a riot in Dunedin (my home city) on Saturday night; they fought with the cops & set fire to cars, putting the future of the Southern UNDIE 500 in doubt. You'll note that I typed the "Southern" Undie 500...YES....there's one up North, too! On the Offshore Island! ;) (I say the Offshore Island, because here in NZ the South Island is the "Mainland"; so the more populous North Island must be the Offshore Island :D )
The Northern UNDIE 500 is rather different...while those in the Southern event wear undergarments as part of a team costume (quite rare), the idea of the Southern events name is, as I recounted in the earlier blog, 'cos the cars are supposed to be bought for under $500. However, in Auckland, it's a quick 500 metre race for teams of students in their Undies!! Teams often wear matching knickers/briefs. I'll try & get a pic to show what I'm on about :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

The UNDIE 500

Tonight, we took 7 kids for tea at KFC; while there, hundreds of Canterbury (and some Otago) University students descended on Ashbury (otherwise known as "Takeaway Alley!" - in one small area, you can get KFC, McD's, Pizza Hut (spee-ew), Indian, Fish 'n' Chips, etc). The UNDIE 500 is an annual event for quote the TV news:

More than 150 vehicles valued at under $500 each entered the alcohol-fuelled road trip, which has five pub stops along the way. But in the midst of the madness there is commonsense and every car is registered and warranted and must have a sober driver.

I interviewed 5 young women at the Timaru KFC who were involved in the Undie 500 - they were comely wenches with a good sense of humour (this is for any Friesians who are reading!).
Two of them - Sophie (Business studies) and Amanda (Medicine) - were dressed as Friesian Cows; complete with Udders! It's great how many bad jokes can be wrung out of such costumes.
ie, One of the "Cows" said, "It's impressive you can remember all of our names.......but what if we sat in different places?" Nev: "Well, that's easy - Amanda's udder hangs low; while Sophie's udder sits high!!" :D
Mind you, I think my having just read Rule No.5 - NO SEX ON THE BUS (Brian Thacker) may have helped my banter; as if I needed any!! ::) Going clockwise around the table, Andrea (Accounting) was what I'd call "the girl who hoses down the cows," or a Milkmaid. Next up were Laura (Law), and Shannon (Forrestry), who were Managers of the Herd. All these were titles I bestowed upon them, and they took it with good grace. I chatted with them for a while, until Wifey said "Eat your tea...we've gotta go!" :) We then headed over to McDonalds, where the kids had ice cream, and I quaffed a large Cappucino. Then, the Circus came to town....the kids had never seen anything like it!! There were guys dressed as Goldfish; Ninja Turtles; US Soldiers; Chefs (dudes dressed only in matching aprons & g-strings); Sailor Girls; Princesses; Kenny dudes (from the movie KENNY - google it); Paris Hilton; etc, etc. I didn't do any more interviews, but it was great to see the many costumes. It reminded me of my Uni days - I must finish my degree some day.....

On the way back to my car from McDonalds, the kids had to avoid puke from one of the "Undie" girls.....where was Andrea when I needed her? Oh, of course...she's not paid to hose down drunk undergraduates! LOL! *** I'd love to know what those peop. spent on their costumes... the body make-up alone would've cost a fortune. Some guys painted each other up to look black; which shows dedication (I know - I was once painted orange to look like on of the Fantastic Four, for a fellow student's 20th Birthday. This was just 12 years ago). *** And the vehicles... the Cows had their Estate painted like a bovine, which was cute; less cute was the Penis Flytrap van ::) - others were accessorised with corrugated iron; old blankets; cardboard wings; beer kegs & other inventive decs.

Jamie's Birthday

Today is Jamie's 8th Birthday! It all seems to happen in August....the Twins' Birthdays; our Anniversary; and now the birthday of our eldest child!! He got a couple of ace toy presents before he went to school - diecast Dr.Who toys :) He was very pleased that his birthday fell on a Mufti Day this year!! He went to School clad in Cam trousers; Cam t-shirt; Cam hoodie; Cam wellies; Cam jacket, and Cub scarf & woggle! Tonight, he's having a sleepover with two of his fave friends. But first, we're all going to KFC for Tea.....then ice-cream at McDonalds!

Beyond Disappointment.....

Well, today I went out to the Mailbox; calling a cheery "Hi, Val!" to Mrs.Postie (you can tell I live in a small town, right?). She put a handful of letters in our new letterbox, after a friendly exchange. I saw one letter which looked suspiciously like a Rejection letter...and I was right!
:( Am I a pessimist? Perhaps....I've spent the day trying to find ways to cheer myself up. Watched a Dr.Who DVD, with the hilarious Commentary on.....Peter Davison & his co-stars really ripped the p*ss out of their story, "Time Flight!"

I've decided that I'll try out for more Shows next year; do maybe 3 or 4 more Auditions...& if I don't get into another Play or Musical Comedy, I'll give it away.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sunday: final Audition for the Year

Well, Sunday dawned bright & clear; we went to Church, where the Annual General Meeting was humming along quite nicely, 'till someone threw a red herring into the mix ::) - well - it was more of a Spanner in the works, I guess. Oh, BROTHER! (rolls eyes several times)

In the arvo, I attended the Audition I've been gearing up for, for many weeks...some folks there had obviously been preparing for it, as I had; others didn't need to (nearly at professional level), and others didn't have a clue, bless 'em. I was only one of two men who dressed as a Cowboy for the audition :) My song went quite well, though I maybe should have sung it a little slower... my dancing needs tidying up...but my acting seemed OK to me....... Now, I wait.

Saturday: a Birthday, and Dancing Jellyfish

On Saturday, we were invited to a Birthday party for a child that lives in one of the houses behind us; a Maori family. We were the only ones from the street invited to his birthday; so we felt quite honoured! The little boy turned 5, so he starts school this week. He's had a lot of health problems, illness & hospitalisations, so his family are very pleased he's made it to his 5th birthday. I managed to find him a gift from some boxed toys I have upstairs, and found a card for a 5-year-old in our stash of B/day cards. We arrived at about 1:20pm, and stayed for about 20mins...the kids enjoyed the little Bouncy Castle that was there...we had to go to Finding Nemo, the stage play; it was put on at Mountainview High School. Three of our friends were in the show; my mate, Andy, played Gill, and two of his daughters were Dancing Jellyfish - one of them played two other roles, as well! The show was very impressive.

After seeing Nemo, we went home - I had a rest, then went back to the little boy's Birthday party; there was a pallet outside for dancing, and I danced for a little bit with my daughter. There was also a tent and a gazebo. The hostess of the party kindly gave me a couple of beers. I stayed for a time, and my wife & children also came back to the Party. It was a good time :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Our Anniversary

Friday night, was very special...we went to a Health Studio and enjoyed a Spa pool for 45 minutes; then had an Aromatherapy Massage for 90 minutes, each with our own Finnish Massage Therapist. Fantastic!!! The staff made us feel very welcome. The neat thing was, since it's August, they had special, pay for 1 hour massage, get another 30 minutes free! :D

Afterwards, we went to a nice Cafe/Bar for hot drinks, and shared some cake. A lovely night out.

Friday, August 17, 2007



More on Thursday

Well, Thursday night was the Pre-Audition Meeting for Beyond Rawhide, a show I would VERY much like to be in...I've been practicing a Waylon Jennings number, "Bob Wills is Still the King," for many weeks....I went along, and discovered many people there; some I knew, some I didn't. I've read the script (a Director I met last week gave me a script), and it's got about 72 gags - not bad for a two - hour show, with around 16 song-and-dance numbers! Auditions are this Sunday afternoon...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursdays - What to do with them??

Today, was an unremarkable one - oh, I watched a new DVD...The Castle; about an Australian family facing the loss of their home, when an Airport authority want to extend the runway. Most of the Western world would call it a "David vs. Goliath" story...but Australians see it as an "Aussie Battler" film. I find it hard to believe that people as naive and good-hearted as the Kerrigan family exist, but I 'spose it's possible... Anyway, it's a good film. A number of well-known Oz Soap actors feature.

Ally - thanks for the birthday cards for our Bairns :)

The lovely 2nd-hand monitor arrived today, that I got on an online auction... but we won't throw out the old monitor; far too many computer monitors have been thrown out worldwide lately, making for an almost unthinkable amount of toxic waste :(

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another walloping Wednesday...

Well, today started off well enough; and overall, it was a good 'un... took the Twins to Daycare; then went & bought 5 breast-feeding pillows for the Multiple Birth Club...I had to canvas Club Committee members to convince the Secretary we needed 5...they're brilliant for women who have enough milk to feed both Twins at once! Then, I paid for yet another auction win on TadeMe; and went off to buy a "Ben" loco for my home, and started watching Red Dwarf 7, episode: Tikka To Ride....
............went to Northtown mall, and paid for yet another auction item; then bought an Anniversary card for Wifey....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Following the White Rabbit down a hole...

The last few days haven't been too exciting; probably a good thing, bearing in mind how full a day I had on Saturday! OH - I hired a costume the other day; made me look like Peter Pan (or Robin Hood, or the Jolly Green Giant...depending on your point of view!). It cost me nothing to hire the cossie (black tights, long green tunic, studded belt & hat w/red feather), as I'm a member of the Drama Society. The costume was for a Colour Party at the Twins' Mainly Music group; I went as Green; Zoe went as Pink; and Ben...well, Ben was supposed to be going as Red, but he refused to wear his older brothers' red top, so he was Blue ::) I had pics taken....I'll try & post one when they arrive!

Oh, and Ally, I've started taking pics of Slinkypuss & Polly; they're not always very I have to take what I can get....

At the moment, I'm blogging in spite of my least I haven't had one of these for a looonnnnng time...

This afternoon, Wifey & I went to visit Kayo & her baby Twins; it was lovely to hold one, and he fell asleep on my chest, snuffling quietly to himself. So nice to see them all....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

WHAT a Day!

Well, that was a Day, that was....mostly fun, but Exhausting! :)

This morning, we went to Jamie's last Hockey game for the season...and he got Player of the Day! He WAS pleased, and we were proud of him! The team lost the game, but he played well and tried his best, and we can't ask more than that - he did great!

Then, it was off to the Twins' Birthday Party, at Chipmunks (an indoor adventure playground, and cafe). The Twins had a wonderful time, and their little friends, Anton & Marsha, came to wish them a Happy cappucino was cleared away before I'd finished the last drop, so I got another for Free (I do love my Cappucinos!). The cafe has improved; their car mags are right up-to-date now!

We then had a short break, to go home & get our towels, to go out swimming, & have a Fish'n'Chip Tea....I was getting a bit tired by this stage ::) - but we still enjoyed some great moments, in the water at the old Century Pool....

THEN, after an hour or so at home to re-charge our batteries, Wifey & I went out to see the Chicago stage show, that I'd auditioned for months was FANTASTIC!

So, a tiring, but lovely day - PHEW!

Friday, August 10, 2007

"Does it come in Diet?"

Oh, I nearly forgot - on Wednesday night, I went to see Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix with my mate, Chris. It was excellent. And, contrary to some reviews, it DOES have humour in it!


This morning, I spent two hours at the Hospital, having THREE Blood Tests done, during which I was required to frink a bottled Glucose solution....I asked, "Does it come in Diet?" Oh well - the 2nd nurse I told it to, laughed! :) Then, I raced over to the Playcentre, for the Twins' Birthday Morning Tea. Spent ten minutes there; then charged home to be on-time for my mate Wally's arrival - he's a Funeral Director, so we watched Six Feet Under. That's Friday so far....I've just fried up 10 Puppdoms to go with tonight's Tea, so Friday is going well so far :)


Well, yesterday was busy, busy, busy; paid for an item I bought on TradeMe; and dashed here & there in the morning. In the afternoon, I snuggled with our mottled torty, Polly, for a while; then picked up the kids from School & Kindy. I took them to Tai & Rita's fishing shop, where I bought a float for Jamie; then we all headed next door to The Purple Lizard. People were impressed with how well the kids behaved! :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It's been a funny sort of day...I had an interesting morning; pottered about in Town, got into Red series 8....anybody else like the Dwarf? Watched the DVDs? If so, you'll have found it's not easy finding the Easter Eggs...!! But worth it, once you have ;)

Had a fairly restful afternoon....lost my cool a bit, at Tea-time.....however, I had a Coffee at the Red Rocket cafe with my mate Chris after Tea; and then we went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We enjoyed it! Brilliant film....whoever says it's lacking in humour, needs to open their eyes! ::)

I'm spending time these days, practicing a song for next weeks's a bit scary, but I'm quite confident.....the song is rather apt for the Show, as the play is set in Texas, and the name of that state is mentioned 5 times in the song!!! :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Under Starters' Orders!!!

I've been ordered off eBay & Trademe, and onto Bloggie! Wifey says I'm
"hooked on Auctions," I can't see it meself, but then, as the Seventh Doctor
says, "There's none so blind as those that clutch at straws..." ;)

Yesterday, I was flat-out like a lizard drinkin'; charging here &
thing that amuses me, is that I bought boxers for my brother-in-law's birthday,
and explained it to a cute ex-pat British woman: "Our sister-in-law insists that
all the males in her Household wear Boxers, so she can iron them!" This amused
her....comment if it makes you smile, too :)

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Last night, I installed an Air Stone inro our little Aquarium for the 2 goldfish, while watched by Jamie. I'd already done the, made an elbow junction out of a T-junction, by inserting a Model Car screw into one end of a T-junction, then cut off a small section of tube, to connect the elbow to the Air Stone. Then I went & got Jamie, and he looked on as I jammed the tube from the Pump onto the elbow. The Fishies now have a lovely curtain of bubbles to play in! :)

I've started watching Red Dwarf, to take my mind (yes, I've got a mind) off's working quite well, so far....

Friday, August 03, 2007


This morning, the Wifey & I took the Twins to Playcentre...we had a reasonably Quiet Argument over my wanting to buy Ben a Dr.Who lunchbox; I can't see what the problem is... she has this funny idea that it's getting too much; I suppose she might be right, in her own way... (whispered aside: it gets a bit much for me, too, sometimes!) ::)

I played with the Playdough with Ben & Zoe; making stars & hearts....I never had any pre-school things to go to as a child - perhaps that's why I've compensated a bit my our kids... they've been taken to: Coffee Morning Groups; Playgroups; Mini-playgroups; Mainly Music; Cafes; Soft-play areas (ie Chipmunks); Playcentre & Kindergarten! (insert cheesy grin!).

Thursday, August 02, 2007


If there's any Dr.Who fans reading this, let me tell ya...I am so glad the 12" R/C K9 was made by Character Options, and not Product Enterprise!! CO have properly researched K9, making him into a really good Model (or Toy, if you wish!). His ears waggle when he moves... his internal blue lights power up, when he boots up...and he spins faster than a pink sock in a washing machine! :)

It's a little embarrassing...I've been checking our back door, before Breakfast (that's where & when large parcels appear) 6 days a week, for the past 9 it's good that he's finally here now! :D

I'm Back Again.....

Back Again....could be for good this time!! I've been meaning to post Blogs for AGES...all sorts of odd & interesting things have been happening here - for instance:


Over a year ago, I ordered a Radio-Controlled, 12" K9 model.....IT ARRIVED TODAY! WOO_HOO! YIP_E! Oh, SPIN my nipple-nuts and send me to Alaska!!! Heh-hee! It
talks, it moves quickly, it extends its little Nose! It took quite a while to get it out of its wrapper, but now I've got it going, and I Ham Pleased! (insert smug smiley)

A Wee MOAN!! :(

WHY is it that I always have to enter my user name whenever I do a new Blog Post?! Everything else I go on - ie, Sausagenet; MySpace - they remember who I am....but not Bloggie; OH no! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!