Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Exam.... first for 12 years!!! :-o

How'd it go?? Well Ally (and any other readers), I got there, finally having found out precisely where the local Poly is; and found the right lecture block. I asked "What happens if I wanna go to the loo?" The lady said, " can't! Can you go now?" I did; then (shortly later) it was time for the Blockbusters and Biopics Exam to start! There were two sections: (1) Short Answers - choose 10 questions of 30 and answer 'em quick!, and (2) - Short Essays. The Short Answers were easy questions like, "Who directed Doctor Strangelove?" and "Who played the Queen in Elizabeth?" Then I moved onto the three Short Essay questions. I wrote a lot about Mississippi Burning; and not quite so much about Elizabeth and Saving Private Ryan - but I think I may have passed!

After my Exam, I went to have my first-ever lunch in the Poly Cafe. I saw a huge dog there, on a lead, with a young woman - honestly, this canine would make a great sofa for a coupla 3-year-olds! I went up to pat him, but I stopped short when I saw the patches on his jacket that said, "Don't Pat Me, I'm Working." Fair enough, mate - you're doing a good job! I wonder how much the doggie makes b4 case you're wondering, he was a Psychiatric Services Dog.


Blogger Julie said...

Hope you have passed...fingers crossed for you!

7:14 PM  
Blogger AllyBally said...

I'm sure you'll have done brilliantly, Nev... and my fingers are crossed for you too!

1:43 AM  

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