Monday, October 27, 2008

49 Hours To Go

Just 49 hours to go; then I'll sit my first exam in over 12 years! I'm nervous, and a little excited. I feel like I'll get my life back in the afternoon of the 29th October!!! To prepare, I've watched Doctor Strangelove (for the sixth time, at least); Vera Drake (a really well-done '50s Brit drama); and Elizabeth - The Golden Years (a beautiful, if rather misleading film about the later years of the "Virgin Queen's" reign). I've also read about "the Royals in the Movies", and found out something fascinating...movies about the Royals are heavily influenced by the times! Obvious, one would think; but I've never thought of movies about Royalty like that. For example, The Madness of King George and Mrs. Brown were made in the 90s; they reflect royal scandal (or the hint of one), and the 90s were rife with scandal in the House of Windsor.

On Saturday, we went to the wedding of Brad & Joanne; Brad had asked me to come in my Dr.Who costume. One friend asked, "What makes it Dr Who?" So, I showed her my 35th Anniversary Gold-plated pocket watch; my TARDIS tie; and of course, the Tom Baker scarf (how could she miss it?).


Blogger AllyBally said...

Well... don't keep us in suspenders!

How did the exam go?

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