Saturday, August 02, 2008

Winter Holiday, 2008 - Day 3!

OK, so here we are, Tuesday the 8th July. I decided to begin the day with a relaxing! First, a little history - many years ago, while living in Palmy, the Council said they would upgrade The Lido (the local swimming pool complex). I thought I'd check it out! Apparently it was upgraded in 2002...only 6 years after we left Palmerston North...

Anyway, so I arrived at the lovely new Lido; I paid the admission to Holly, a chunky, attractive young woman, with lovely teeth. I then tried to put my valuables into a Locker...I couldn't work it! So, I found a poolside attendant, Sara, a pretty, slim blonde, who happily looked after my glasses, wallet & watch for me. So helpful! I had a swim...and a circuit or two, of the Lazy River...then got my stuff back from Sara, showered, and adjourned to the Cafe, where I bought a Cappucino & a cookie from Glennis. Read a Tom Sharpe novel for a while, before heading back to the camp.

Margaret drove me to the University; where, in the extra-mural class, we all watched Went The Day Well? , a WWII British propaganda film. In the film, a group of German paratroopers impersonate British soldiers, and take over a village in southern England. The villagers band together to fight back, until their Army arrives. It was made at a time when England might have been invaded; though when it was released, the danger had passed.

I bought three copies of the Vet Students calendar at the Shop; I thought, I bet I can sell one within 10 mins!...and sure enough, I did!! I had lunch with women from my class, as well as the lady who bought a calendar. The afternoon passed quickly.....then, Massey was over for me, for the time being, again....

We had our Tea with Philip & Judy and their children, in Feilding. We've known them many years. It was good to see them!


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