Wednesday, October 15, 2008

US Dollar Recovering...

I've been meaning to write about this for a while...the shaky US Dollar gave me a heck of a fright last week, when it fell 3 cents in one day!! As a small-time importer, I was concerned...well, after all, the more their dollar falls, the more it costs me! I ordered more US goods two days later, before it fell much further! I think it was at about NZ 64c.

Well, the goods arrived TODAY....fantastic! There were a LOT of things for other people, who are paying me to get them Dr.Who gear. Also, toys that are gonna be Christmas presents for my kids!

Meanwhile, on the US share markets are starting to bounce back. I cannot believe, that Hank Paulson isn't unemployed yet! I don't usually get political on here, but, man alive - the guy started this whole world-wide financial meltdown, and he's STILL the US Treasury Secretary!
Well, I hope the Bird of Paradise flies up HIS nose.....


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