Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pleasant Valley Sunday

Nice day, today...went to a combined service, in the city, this morning....parked outside Toyworld. It began at 10am. I commented to the woman behind us, whose kids have often babysat for us: "I'm not looking forward to getting up early, for 9am services next'll be difficult..." After the service, she said: "It's alright for you Townies..." she stopped herself just in time from saying "You don't have lives," but carried on: "We got up early anyway, being country folk, so it's no problem to us!" We live right on the edge on town; they are 1/2 a mile further out.

This arvo, our Russian/Ukrainan friends came round; it was good to see them. I talked with Sergei, and drank his home brew, while our children played on our trampoline. A lovely afternoon.


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