Friday, October 17, 2008

Back to School :)

What did I Do Today....I wrote to my Mum; watched an episode of Dr Who with the commentary on; made meself a cut lunch, and went to School to have lunch with my Children! Ben looked really chuffed to see me! It was lovely, sitting there on the grass at their School, nibbling on me peanut-butter-and-cheese sarnies (37 years & still lovin' 'em!). It was the Parents & Grandparents, Join Your Kids for Lunch day at the School. I only noticed 8 or so other parents, but I guess with a lot of families, both parents work. After a few minutes, Margaret joined us, so that was neat!


Blogger AllyBally said...

What a lovely idea! :-D

And great to see the regular postings again!

9:15 pm  

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