Thursday, November 30, 2006

Honey, the Shrink Will See Me Now, I got official confirmation, that one of the best Shrinks (or Trick Cyclists, if you prefer) at the Hospital, will see me next that's good; I gonna get Help (nervous smile).

I Am A Dalek ;)

Yesterday, I got three parcels in the was the box set of this year's Dr.Who series; two of them were a book called I Am A Dalek.I gave one of them to Jamie, still in the parcel, with my name crossed out, & his written on...he was well pleased! It's got large print, so is easy for very young children to read :)

A Little.....

...Diarrhoea? I've had just a little of that, in the past 20 hours or know; the kind where you guts feel like they're trying to cram themselves into a matchbox? Yep, them's the ones! It hasn't been too bad this time...hope I didn't get your bug, Lou ;)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Well, Sunday began quietly with breakfast & our hosts still in bed; we gave them a thank-you gift & said our fond farewells...then headed off to see Mike & Cheryl, & their family. I've known Mike for nearly 25 years. It's interesting to note the difference between the two houses, of our hosts, & the family we saw on Sunday morning...the 1st house is new, in a new sub-division (or new Estate for my UK readers), light & airy, with no back yard, or front yard, and no trees; it has a view of the Sea. The 2nd house is old & has character; it is in a well established area, with native birds singing in the trees, and best of all (from my kids' point of view) - hundreds of toys to play with! :)
There were at least 5 Alien eggs; lots of dragons; two forts/castles; loads of Thomas the Tank Engine locos & rolling stock; 2 Luv Cubs (electronic interactive teddy bears)...and so on! Great for me, too, was talking with Cheryl at length about what I love doing.... collecting! Cheryl collects Star Trek memorabilia, which is interesting...she likes Voyager, of course, as I do too! The kids & I had lunch there; then we picked Margaret up, and went to visit new friends - Katya & Derek, & their son, at "the Oasis" - my words! Their home is like a little oasis in the centre of Dunedin City. They have a large two-storey house, with many rooms, a large lawn, impressive well-maintained vege garden, and a Summer House for serving afternoon tea! :) It was our first time socialising with them, & I look forward to seeing them again...

Next, it was on to Moana (pronounced "mow-AHH-nah") Pool, for a refreshing swim. The kids enjoyed this immensely, as did we. Moana means "sea or lake," in Maori. The pools are about 40 years old, and they've been upgraded - fact, Margaret & I had our very first date there! :)

We then headed back to my Mum's flat for Tea; then drove home to Timaru. Overall, a fantastic weekend.............

Monday, November 27, 2006


Well, that was some weekend! We travelled down from Timaru to Dunedin, a distance of 125 miles. Arrived at our friends' house at around 10:30pm on Fri. night; had a good nights sleep. Next morning, we had a leisurely breakfast, and then we went in search of parts for my Dalek project. We went into a huge craft supplies store, "Spotlight", which sells, amongst many other lines, Xmas decs - transparent 100mm balls, in two halves. These are PERFECT for Dalek hemispheres! :D) I bought 4 pairs, & ordered another 23. We then looked for Dr.Who books...but all the ones I found were ones I already have... Got a peep at my old friend Alastair's whopper of a baby son, Nathan; we had to see him one-at-a-time, as Al was out, and baby's Mum was sick in bed... Then had lunch with my Mum, my oldest sister, my oldest brother & his wife. Good to see them all. I gave my brother some Goon Shows I'd copied for him; he was pleased. Not long after, I dropped M. off at her meeting; we were primarily in Dunedin for her medical conference. Mum & Gwen looked after the kids for the afternoon. I bought a DVD in town, before heading back to see Mum again.
...Got some nice, fresh bread for our hosts...had Tea with them...the kids got a bit too rowdy, which led to some conflict; which has been sorted out amicably. Watched "Ripping Yarns" with our hosts, before bed.

Friday, November 24, 2006


I'll be away for the coupla days; back bloggin' on Monday at the latest... til then, everyone keep well, catch ya later.....

Thursday, November 23, 2006


It's just so strange; a whole bunch of Icebergs are sailing past the east coast of the South Island, of New Zealand - just 60km from here! The term "global warming" springs to mind..... The Icebergs are travelling north - it'll be interesting to see how far they get, before they melt!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Psyched Out, I went to an interview with two Psychiatric Nurses; they asked me some Q's, to determine whether or not I'm depressed enough, to need their assistance..... Mrs.Nev & I hope they'll decide I am, and I'll get some help soon.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cheese...Reprise!!! ;)

Tonight, I went to see The Hot & Spicy Variety Show; well, the dress rehearsal - as a member of the kitchen staff, I get the privilege of seeing the show, before the public... I sat there, with my bottle of McGuigan Black Label red, and a plate of crackers & cheese - some creamy Brie, some of the cheeky Emmentale - and enjoyed 25 song & dance numbers, & and a handful of sketches. At one point, I held up my bottle to the light of the stage; the little Dalek on top was nicely silouetted! About halfway through the show, Fran did a number called Thank you for Viagra - to the tune of "Thank You For The Music" - and as she mingled with the audience, passed me a couple of tabs (blue M&M's, really) and said "Hello, Neville!" I was well chuffed to the bollocks! A good night, & I left with the fruity Black Label red coursing thru my veins....

Monday, November 20, 2006


Probably the most exciting thing that happened yesterday, was that I ate some cheese for the first's called Emmentale; I heard about it on the mini-series Blott on the Landscape, many years ago, and I've wanted to try it ever since. When Blott was posing with his wife for their wedding photo, the snapper said, "Say cheese!" And Blott said, "Emmentale!" :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Saturday Evening.....

...I went along to the Chalmers [Presbyterian] Church, where there was to be a choral recital. Now I must say, dear reader; that Choral Music is not really my thing...but the "special guest star" last night, was an old friend: Emma Roxburgh! Emma is a Soprano soloist, who sings Italian, German, and occasionally in English! She sang "The Wedding Song" at our wedding, along with her husband & his brother. Last night, she sang songs from Mozart, and some from Schumann. She had flown down from Auckland city esp. for the event. We once stayed with Emma & her hubby Richard in Manchester, while attending a Dr.Who convention.

Saturday Morning.....

....we set off my a morning of fund-raising for the New Life Church's new roof. We went to the Church, and I dropped off Margaret & Jamie, they went inside to get set up; I carried on with the Twins to our best friends' house, and left them there, to play with their little friends, Antoschka & Marsha. I then went back to the Church to help Margaret with the Face-Painting; $1 a time. It was a rainy day, so there weren't as many people there as we would have all, we painted the faces of 10 children. Jamie bought a lot of toys from the White Elephant sale; we'll have to put a strict limit on his spending next time ::)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Nev @ the Movies! ;)

Tonight, I thought, "I have to get OUT of here, for a bit...I'll see a filim. But wot 2C? Out of the Blue is a must-see, but it's too serious for 2night... I need a LAUGH. So, I went to see JACKASS 2. WHAT a riot! I laughed so hard, I thought I was going to...Oh, I dunno! What IDIOTS! And yet, they have my do what they did, & survive....very, very funny! Peop were looking at me, as though to say, "Why is that dude laughing SO MUCH?" I needed it, & it was Jackass 2.....

Peel Forest.....

This morning, Margaret, our twins & I went to Peel Forest - a lovely wooded area on a mountainside, roughly 50 miles from here - with our Playcentre. Before we left, I had a drive of Erin's car (she's one of the Yummy Mummies); she has a Nissan Tino, with CVT (that's Continuously Variable Transmission). It felt really good! It was raining at Peel Forest; and I took little wee Ben by the hand all the way to The Big Tree (about 1000 years old, and 100 feet high). It was nice walking in the rain...but looking back, I enjoyed the resonsibility of making sure Ben didn't fall down...


Well, I managed my Blood Test successfully yest. morning; I arrived there at about 7:40am (early for me, these days!) and sat down to wait - read an article about a NZ novelist who's been given a $465,000 grant to do a Study on NZ Sexuality. The media have dubbed her "The Orgasm Lady," much to her irritation... I was impressed by the Nurse who extracted some of my precious rare Blood; she's not exactly a "hot little number," but she has a very good bedside manner. After I got up from lying down (I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to needles), I went back to the waiting room to finish the article...

After taking the Twins to Daycare, I went home & watched Born on the Fourth of July. Tom Cruise put in a pretty good performance, in this disturbing & moving film.

This morning, I got up to feed Kittenpuss....after a while, he came back to bed, with eyes as big as a Buick hub-cap.... ::)

Ally, my heart goes out to you.....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I thought I was doing so well, this morning...actually had my breaky BEFORE taking the Twins to them there, nicely...couldn't find the Medlab....went to the Medical Centre, to ask where it is...finally found it; and NEARLY got in the Q - and then I found out, that I had to fast for the previous 12 Hours! I think I'm getting a bit absent-minded in my middle-age..... *** Did some browsing in the shops downtown; saw 2 DVDs that I'd like - season 2 of Desperate Housewives; and season 5 of Family Guy - but I've just ordered 6 dr.Who CDs, so those discs will have to wait 'til Feb. Then went to visit our Russian friends; nice to see 'em again :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Committee Meeting

Tonight, I went to my first meeting of the Mill Theatre Committee; it was rather exciting...there were rehearsals going on for the next Show (one I didn't get into, but I'm over that now); ...and I found that since I've volunteered to help out with it in the kirchen, I can see a Dress Rehearsal!!! YAY!!!! I had hoped to see this one - The Hot & Spicy Variety Show - and even looked at buying a ticket, but there wasn't a time that suited me. NOW I can see it...and I'm involved in the Mill again! PLUS, I found out that the next show they are doing after this one, will be a Western....well, I can sing Country...I'm not nuts about C & W (I only have 1 country music CD), but I like it a bit! I like Rock a lot more... ::) So, a successful night. I was even told it will be OK to wear my Dr.Who apron in the kitchen! :)

A Visit to the Doctor

I saw my Doctor this afternoon (no jokes please, about my "looking in the Mirror"...) - she has recommended that I stay on my present Meds; have a raft of Blood Tests (I'll turn the other cheek); and see a trick cyclist. Hopefully it's one that won't say "I've seen fellows like you before..." Heck, there's NEVER BEEN anyone like me before...! :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Playground Day at the Bay.....

Yesterday, we all went to Caroline Bay (known locally as "The Bay"), to help at the Washdyke Playcentre fundraising stall. I helped sell raffle tickets, baked goods, decorative soaps, etc. It was the first time I'd given change to the public, using solely our new, smaller coinage.

I had a couple of angry outbursts yesterday...I spoke to my Vicar; he prayed for me, and strongly suggested I see my Doctor, & review my Meds..... so I'll go to see her tomorrow.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Exciting Package!

Last night, Jamie had a friend to Sleepover; his young friend, Caleb. I recall thinking, "it would be nice to show him a new Dr.Who CD, that I hope to get in the Mail on Saturday morning!" Well, Saturday morning came - and there WAS a package in the old mailbox...but it wasn't a was a very special new DVD!!! It's called "The Invasion", and - HEY!
Sit down! It DOES get better!!! The new DVD introduces a whole new process into Dr.Who DVDs...The Animation of Missing Episodes!!! You see, currently there are 108 episodes missing from the BBC Archives. Animation of missing episodes, gives new hope to dedicated Fans like m'self, that we may see the missing Episodes yet. I mean, OK, it's not PERFECT, but it's a heck of a lot better, than not having any Episodes 1 & 4, at all.....

Caleb said his Mum sometimes calls me Doctor Who.....I don't mind, not at all... ::)

Friday, November 10, 2006

I, Claudius

Not much of note happened on Thursday...Oh! Yes, something did happen! Jamie got out of School, and told me "I love you, Dad!" :) Just lovely... even told me my Burgers are yummy...he used to complain at Tea-time, so it was just great.

I've been watching I, Claudius; it's great to watch, though a bit gruesome sometimes! ::)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Note 2 Julz

Julz, you were wondering about the flowers behind me in my photo, when I was 8; I've had both my Mum (June) & Mum-in-law (Ruth) here recently, & Mum says it's too long ago to remember....Mum-in-law said she thinks they are Nasturtiums (sp). Hope that helps.

Where's Tom Baker's Autograph.... my mailbox!!! YIPPEE! After waiting five months, it finally arrived...a First Day Cover of Tom B., with his John Hancock on it! I was well pleased, and popped it into its frame, which has been waiting this past many moons. I also took the precaution of recording the serial numbers of all my FDC's. I've now got eleven DrWho stamp covers, together worth over 250 Quid.

Tuesday, Blues Day....

I must confess to you, dear readers.....all 5 of you....and if there's more, please let me know ;) .....I was rather envious of my wiff last night!! I had planned on going to the Playgroup Parents Car Rally last night; even though that meant I would have to change my Theatre ticket to another the end though, I kindly let Margaret go instead; & now I'm off to the Theatre on Friday night. I am DETERMINED to go to the next Car Rally, next year....I just love them! ::) Still, Margaret got some Female Bonding in, and that's good for her. She deserves a night out, once in a while.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Last night, I ended the evening by visiting some old folks at home...& showed them a DVD of Monk, aka, "the defective Detective." They LOVE Monk!

....earlier in the evening, I went to a "Cans Film"; it's one of those movies, one sees after paying for a ticket with a tin of baked beans, or the like! The Movie I saw was "Click", an Adam Sandler star vehicle, it has a lot in common with Dicken's A Christmas Carol, in having an angel show a man the way he's wasted his life, in the pursuit of riches. Along the way, there's a lot of laughs... good for some escapist amusement.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

"A Slice of Banana Cake"

Helen Brown is a Columnist & Entertainer, who lives in Melbourne, Aus. She has written a Column for the local broadsheet, The Timaru Herald, for the last 20 years! ....but she's not as old as she sounds! ;)

We went to see her 1-Woman-Show - A Slice of Banana Cake - at the Theatre Royal, Timaru, last night. As per usual, I was in the front row; so as to see every nuance, grimace, shimmy, shake & smile! ;) She & I had exchanged a couple of emails beforehand, and after the Show, she said to moi, "Why didn't you wear your Dr.Who Scarf?" LOL! I informed her that it'd been too hot to wear it, but on reflection, I could've taken in to the Theatre in its bag, & whipped it out...apparently, Helen Brown was looking for someone in the front row, wearing a long DW-style Scarf! I've told her that I'll email her the photo of me wearing it, that was on the front page of our local paper :)

Her show was called A Slice of Banana Cake, as she has likened her life to a Banana Cake, and the ingredients therein.....

Our own little Guy Fawkes night

We had Our Own Little Guy Fawkes Night, on Friday the 3rd November; this was because we were going out on the Saturday, and on the 5th it's a School Night, so we should all be in bed a little earlier. We had a small firework - and some Sparklers for the Twins, before they went off to beddy-byes. The Fireworks had somewhat interesting names...such as Gattling Gun, Magic Roman Candle, Boomer, Flashback, Galaxy, 10 Shots, Blazing Fan, Red Devil, Heat Wave & the Rising Sun...this one was grrrrreat for me, as I recall seeing one (Catherine Wheel) when I was of my earliest memories! :D)***Unfortunately, the Red Devil gave us some fell over, & fired a ball of fire towards us, missing our little group by a few inches ::( ...a bit of excitement! No injuries, though I burned my finger slightly while lighting a Sparkler! ;)

Dagnabbit, Dratted FRUIT FLIES!!!!

We seem to be inundated with Fruit Flies lately; they seem to be breeding like the Guinea Pigs....I've killed 46 (aprox) of them in the last four days, with my bare hands....anyone else hate these little buggers???

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Digging 4 a Post

The Last Few days have gone just like That (clicks fingers).....Wednesday & Thursday weren't that exciting... I feel I've been growing as a Person recently, but at the same time, I've been going through a Low in my Depression... which means I'm not just Down, but I'm even lower than usual!!! ::) +Esasperated Sigh. I have high hopes of feeling a bit better, after finishing the book I'm currently reading, "Black Like Me," by John H. Griffin. In it, he recounts his experiences as a "Negro" in the Deep South, around 1960 - he coloured his skin Black to carry out research into a book he was writing, on Racial Justice. His book is a real eye-opener; there sure were some racist idiots around back then (& there are a few alive today, too - Grrr!). It's all just so sad & stupid. However, things have improved in the US since then. As Far As I Know.....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Whale of a Party

We don't celebrate Halloween, but we do take our kids to a Party on the 31st October; this year, it was called A Whale of a Party. The children were divided into four groups, each with a different colour. While one group were making (well, colouring in) pictures of different kinds of Whales, another were making costumes, another group were involved in a race to fill a bucket with cups of water, & the 4th group were jumping on the Shrek Bouncy Castle. Before all this activity began, they were told the story of Jonah & the Whale; and at the end, we all had a shared Tea. It was rather pleasant :)

More Visitors.....

Monday saw a visit from Margaret's parents, Ruth & John; they drove down from Christchurch, which is the South Island's biggest city, at about 330,000 people. They stayed from lunchtime, til just after Tea. John had given us our last Computer, as a sort of hand-me-down; he took it back, he'll apparently use it to help folks who are having problems with Windows 95, or ME.