Friday, November 21, 2008

Freaky Friday!!!

OK, so why is today Freaky Friday? It's 'cos, like, I was in the shower this morning, and I got thinking about yesterday....

So, I walked into this shop to buy some socks for my brother (and some for me). And floating down from the mezzanine floor, I hear the words, "Dr.Who.....Daleks...." So I called up to the floor above, "Did I hear the words, "Doctor Who?"...and this man looks down and says, "what" & I repeated the Q., and he says, "Aww g'day! We were just talking about you and your Dr.Who collection!!" *** I don't know these I was surprised to hear this!! OK, I did bring in my talking Dalek slippers, to get some Possum Fur insoles; maybe that was it....

Anyway, the upshot is, now they want me to bring in my Dalek Hot Water Bottle, so I can get her to talk to them. Funny old world, innit!


Naturally, I've been keeping an eye on the Money Markets. The $US has fallen by more than 23 cents against the $NZ since August, which is not good. It'll be quite a while before I buy another big box of Dr. Who goodies from the USA! The Pound, on the other hand, is looking much better.


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