Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wacky Wednesday!

I'm feeling a little Wacky on this sunny summer Wednesday!! I've come to realise that I'll have to delve into my savings account to pay my credit card bill this month; more's the pity...good thing I haven't ordered much this month! I'd planned on ordering Zoe a Sonic Lipstick in addition to the stuff I've already got her for Christmas, but that'll have to wait now.

I have high hopes for the Mail today! No less than six Dr.Who CDs are on their way, from and eBay; so there's a lot coming to enjoy!! Two are stories read by ex-companions - Liz Shaw and Romana II, respectively; two more are Paul McGann & Sheridan Smith audiop plays; one is a classic story featuring Jamie, Zoe and the 2nd Doctor; and finally...the music from Series 4!!! YUMMY, SCRUMMY!!!! ;-p

I got something in the mail yesterday from the University, but it was only a newsletter from the Department of History & Philosophy.


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