Friday, March 31, 2006

Rotten Day

Today was one Rotten Day; two people upset me this morning, putting me into a foul mood that lasted 'til tea-time. However, last night was Good. I made Nachos for Tea; and went out to the Cinema, and saw "Mrs.Henderson Presents," a very good film (in my opinion ::) ) about the Windmill Theatre in London, during the Second World War. It starred a quality cast, headed by Dame Judy Dench & Bob Hoskins.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Good Few Days!

Tuesday was great; I saw my Naturopath, Mandy, in the afternoon - it was terrific to see her, she lent me a DVD which was fantastic - I'll mention it more in a minute...after seeing Mandy, I came home to show our neighbour's children, Antoschka & Marcia, my N-gauge model trains - it's the 5th time I've showed off my trains in a fortnight! :)

Wednesday morning, I watched the DVD - it was "The League of Gentlemen APOCALYPSE," which was surreal, funny, bizarre & tremendous! *** Tonight, I'm going to see "Mrs.Henderson Presents," which is based on the actual Windmill Theatre in London! I really look forward to it!!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Jamie's School Fair

Spend, Spend, Spend.....!

We went a a-spendin' yesterday, splashing out & buying a new Oven, new Range Hood, new Dishwasher & new Fridge-freezer. Some serious negotiations went on...Wifey won out with her desire for the cheapest Range Hood; while I won the battle for the top-pf-the-line Oven, complete with ceramic hob & self-cleaning liners! I've been wanting an Oven with a ceramic hob for MANY years, and now I have 2 reasons to buy one - I own a house, AND I do some of the cooking! The new Whiteware will form the basis for our new kitchen, due to come on-stream before Christmas '06. The shopping trip was lots of fun....well, except for the parts spent chasing the Twins back inside the shop!! I managed to talk them into giving us a toy for our little girl, too. - Oh, all the gear we bought had 20% off, so we got a good deal.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Busy, busy.....!

Well folks, I think I'm off McD's for a while; I had McDonalds for breakfast 4 times this week.... maybe it'll be five times, later in the year (probably in June, as my fitness training gets into top gear!). *** Yesterday, I took our Twins to see "Clifford, the Big Red Dog" at a library in Temuka, a small town about 14km north of here. It was a bit of a struggle...Ben wasn't really interested, so he was hard to keep in one spot...Zoe was interested, but terrified when she saw Clifford!! Being the only Dad in a sea of Mums didn't help. Oh well. *** Today, we all went to Jamie's school fair, where I got my face painted (photo to follow in a couple of days). I looked after Ben, who was rather docile after a night of being sick - all his blankets & pyjamas were washed today, I know, as I hung out his sheets & PJs! This afternoon, I had another headache, but it's receding now. We visited our Russian friends late in the afternoon; they're expecting their 3rd child, and have just bought a people-mover...I wish our one was diesel-powered!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Days go fast!

Wow! Three whole days since my last update...the time's just Flying! I went round to see Tabitha last night; there were loads of folks at her place. We watched some of my movie she wants to see, KINKY BOOTS. Her hubby wanted Lost taped, so we had to stop watching after half-an-hour...still, we saw another 30 mins this morning :) My headaches have stopped for the time being, so that's good.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just another bloomin' Migraine...

Another Migraine today; however, there were two good things about today...1), it wasn't one of those classic, nasty Migraines where I'm covered in sweat & going to the loo to vomit; they're horridible!...AND 2), I've started to lose weight! I've lost a kilo so far; just 9 to go! :) :)

About Monday

Oh I DO enjoy a Swim b4 Breakfast!....I've going to lose weight this way, I'm determined! After my swim, I had a good Breakfast @ McD's. Once I got home, I took Jamie & his friend Isaac to school, & also donated 6 bottles of fizzy to the school for their Fair (they're making Spiders for sale, Jamie's class is.
Well, yesterday morning I finished watching The League of Gentlemen; what an odd & very amusing programme!...then I hung out the washing, began watching another TV classic I bought for just 5 Quid. I then went visiting Margaret & the twins at Playcentre. In the evening, I managed to go to bed early-ish, as I had a migraine.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Nice Weekend

Well that was a good weekend that was; we all enjoyed ourselves...bit of a struggle coming to the end of Daylight Saving for another year; the kids seem to be getting up earlier...definitely an incentive 4 me to get out to the local Pool for a swim... ;) We are now precisely 12 hours ahead of the UK - not sure about eastern Canada. Friday evening was the prize presentation for Jamie's T-Ball competition; saw some familiar faces there from his days going to Playgroup (the Mums, that is). Not the most friendly people in the world..! Late on Saturday morning, our Russian neighbours came round; the mother said her 4-year-old had been saying, "We go to Neville's! See new Diesel!" (I have a new diesel loco on my model train layout). His mum said, "We go after Daddy goes to work." So Master Four said, "Daddy you go to work now!" :) 11:15am, I took the kids & their mum up to my Rumpus Room to see my trains; they loved them! Fantastic!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Nev's Coffee Mug

Another Happy Friday!

Not much has happened since Tuesday......oh, today I found someone - a kind bloke I was in the stage version of Dad's Army with - to record F1 for me! It's only on Sky Sport over here now, so I had to find someone to help we can't afford Sky. Anyone ever had that problem...?

Today was the break-up Jamie's T-Ball season - the "end of Summer."
I never really got to see him play, as I was always making the Tea.... oh well, someone has to! Also, the Twins are rather a handful at T-Ball games....they seem to think they should be playing, too! :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New role 4 Nev...?

Well, yesterday morning dawned, and a phone call came through, inviting me to become part of the chorus in My Fair Lady! I'd basically given up on being in that show! This is very exciting, as it'll be my first Musical, & I love that old-style stuff. Watch this space!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Racing my TC3!

After 3 years away from the racetrack, I finally got to race my Associated Factory Team TC3 again on Sunday (yesterday, NZ time)! The weather was up & down and all over the place...heavy rain, a little sun, more rain, then it cleared up. To summarise the day quickly, I qualified my car 3rd in the B final, and finished there; after being passed in the early laps, I caught & passed one guy to finish where I qualified...I had no DNFs, and learned a bit about what I'll need to do to make the car faster for next time! WHEEEEEE! I'm in the RACING again!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sat - Race Weekend!

Well, isn't it funny - yesterday I wrote a bout my frantic morning (meaning Friday), and silly Blogger said "Thursday!" It's a bit behind NZ time, methinks! Mind you, we get the sunshine First..... :)

Last night, I spent much of the evening charging my batteries! YES! I'm RACING again, TOMORROW! First time in THREE YEARS! It will be so EXCITING! We're only driving 100 miles to race, so it's not going too far out of our way (wink, wink!). I'll compete in 4 races, and do my best not to have any DNFs! My car is a 1/10th scale electric scale saloon, competing in the Touring Stock class. It has a Leopard skin paint job, and looks like a Dodge Stratus - similar to a 2000 Honda Accord / Nissan Primera shape. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Frantic Morning!

This morning, it was FRAN-TIC! Took the twins to Mainly Music - the early session, first time ever! - it was PACKED with kids, mums, 1 grandma & three Dads. After spending 34mins wishing I had 4 arms & five hands, we went to morning tea....we all had a good nosh-up, after which I drove into town, & I nipped into Whitcoulls to grab a bargain pair of DVDs - Family Guy (the Stewie feature-length special), and Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit! Then, it was off to Playcentre, for a special appearance...we don't usually go on Fridays! Phew!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nev's new Mug....

Every Thursday morn, I trip-trot trip-trot off to Tabitha's for Coffee & Chat.... this began about 8 or nine weeks ago....her friends are interesting, and there is a lot of sunshine @ her place!!! Today, I was invited to bring my own Mug for her cupboard, as everyone else (Karl, Kylie, Kenny, Hannah, Tabs) has their own designated I will too! Luckily, I have a mug that will fill the job nicely. It's a "decorate your mug" kit. I plan on a simple-yet-effective design....the sun; the moon; a heart, a star... and some not-so-subtle reference to Dr.Who.....the pic should be posted on here in the next 5 days or so :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Quiet day today

Not much happened today; the Twins were in Daycare for the morning, and I hung a lot of washing out on the project this morning was to listen to the commentary on Kinky Boots, which I eventually finished (after several interruptions) at about 3:30pm! Phew...the Twins were babysat by Elizabeth this arvo, so I was able to get a pretty good park outside the School. It should be a more interesting day tomorrow!

Tuesday...a Social kinda Day!

Tuesday morning, I wanted to visit my lady friend, W, who is sooooooo into fashion....a bit like someone I know, who's into Dr.Who! ;) She was going out as I arrived, so I took the Twins to the Gardens, where they saw Geese, Ducks & Seagulls on the lagoon! Soon after, we went to visit D & L, where we heard all about D's shovelling Horse doo-doo; I think he's getting very good at that now :) After lunch, I took the Twins to see W & her little boy. It was nice to visit 2 houses in one day, something I hadn't done in quite a while.


My sister-in-law came to visit on Monday morning; it was nice to see her. In the evening, I showed a DVD or two (Monk, the "Obsessive Compulsive Detective") to an elderly bloke & his middle-aged wife. The old man wasn't as cheeky as usual.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

In the Funeral Parlour

In front of a Live Audience, the various funeral directors told the groups assembled about their options for their final send-off....I asked quite a few questions, and felt the grain & finish of several Caskets. The group I was a part of had a fascinating time in the Mortuary, and the young Funeral Director that did his presentation & I had a good yarn afterwards about their hearses & removal cars. I told the staff about my Dad having been a Funeral Director, which helped the conversations along quite a bit! It was also discussed, the fact that NZ funerals are considerably less expensive than those in the United States; ie, a top-of-the-range casket here costs a maximum of five thousand dollars, while one can expect to pay four times as much in the US....

An afternoon tea was laid on, and I enjoyed delicious chocolates, cheese & crackers, a grape, & a cup of tea before leaving.....

Sunday, 5th March 2006

This morning, we went to Church; I was on the Sound Desk, a job I love... though today, it was a little tricky, as I was trying to talk to a new "recruit" for the Sound System roster, & suddenly I was needed to switch on a microphone! Oops.....

This arvo, I'm going to check out a local Funeral Parlour - no, I'm not planning on going into the family business; I'm just curious to see if things are as dead as they claim ;) - sorry, bad joke! Nahh, I've been watching loads of Six Feet Under & I'd like to be reminded of what my Dad used to do......

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday March 4th 2006

The League of GentlemenHi to the four who read my blog; today was rather fun, we went to our Church picnic; I enjoyed playing Soccer with my 2 two-year-olds, and playing some casual cricket later, after lunch. Tonight, I began watching series 2 of The League of Gentlemen, which is shaping up to be very amusing!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Fri 3rd Mar, 2K6

Hi folks, on Wednesday I watched the DVD of Hot Shots in the morning; very funny - I loved the "breakfast in bed" scene; the young lady was so "Hot" that her lover fried bacon & an egg on her tummy!!! Ha ha ha! the afternoon, I went to see my friend TV, and I was made very welcome - after seeing a couple of DVDs, one video, consuming 14 cream cakes, four chicken drumsticks, a chocolate biscuit & about a litre of lemonade, I staggered home, having knocked a dent in my chances of losing any weight this week : :)

Last night, I saw "Date Movie,"a spoof that made references to lots of other films...including Shallow Hal, Kill Bill, American Pie 3, Scary Movie, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers and others! Not esp. memorable, but my friend & I laughed ourselves silly!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1st, Wed., 2006

Hello, you lot! Goodness, I haven't posted since Sunday! Well, Monday was a lovely day, spent with my in-laws, who drove down from their new home, 160km north of Timaru. We had a great time, spending time with my children, & going to the paddling pool at Caroline Bay. I cooked Chicken Enchiladas for them, which they enjoyed immensely. A neat day!

In the morning, my family & I (except for our oldest, who was at school) went to Playgroup; then shopping for frame for my Dr.Who stamp covers; and then we had lunch with a very nice Iranian family. Delicious food!