Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Year.....New Auditions!

It's Funny, really - today I got up, had breaky....never did it cross my mind, that I'd be going to a Workshop for a new Show! This evening, I went to a "pre-Audition Workshop" for Chicago. It was pretty exciting! I saw 2 people that I'd acted with before; they were pleased to see me, which was a definite boost! My voice has improved since last year; & it helps that I finally know what kind of a singing voice I have....Baritone. There's 3 more workshops before auditions on the 11th March.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well, that was a big day! The plans, & the workshop manual, for our Dalek project arrived on Saturday morning; very exciting! So, when we went to Town, we went hunting for Dalek parts.... couldn't find any lights I liked at the auto parts store, so on to Countdown (our fave supermarket). Survived that, then onto Mitre 10, the "haven for the home handyperson." Bought several sheets of MDF & other materials, to build @#$%* the Dalek (I don't have a name for him yet). Came home, had lunch...snooze...then got up to go to Fast Food Nation at the local Cinema! This one was cheaper than last night's one, as it was a DVD. Very thought-provoking and scary. Came home, had Tea, chatted with Babysitters, then Margaret & I went out to Bombshells, a one-woman show starring Ali Harper; she played six characters, from a 16-year-old schoolgirl, to a 64-year-old widow, and all sorts in between! Margaret most indentified with the mother of three young children (including a baby), who rushed from one thing to another like a blue-bottom fly, always worrying she wasn't a good mother (and hanging out for a Coffee!). We were seated right down the front, so we could get a good view. One character was a woman due to get married - "one hour from now, I will be........a WIFE!" She realises (much too late) that she only got married for the wedding dress! LOL! The last character, an aging-but still-gorgeous-and-glamourous alcoholic Diva, sang well, in her figure-hugging dress, Joan Collins gloves, & fishnet one point, she stepped down from the stage and sat on my knee...only momentarily surprised (after all, this was why I was the closest bloke to the stage!) - I put my arm around her, and rocked her like a baby...after which, she planted a big Kiss on my forehead! I wish I had a photo; she left quite a bit of lippy on me! Teh hee, hee!!


Friday morning, there wasn't any Playcentre due to the fact that most of the Mums & Dad couldn't make I took the Twins to Chipmunks, an indoor soft-play area. This cost a few ducats, as it has those "Feed Me!" slot machines; a big digger, an Ambulance with an injured Teddy Bear in the back (at least that one has room for both my little clowns), and others...though I managed to resist feeding any of the others! I had a Cappucino (with Hazelnut) & two Doughnuts for just $5.50 (about 2 Quid). The Twins had a great time!

I went to the Cinema Friday night; it was a filim called Blood Diamond. Pretty full-on stuff! Based on the recent conflict surrounding Diamonds in Sierra Leone, this movie features Leonardo DiCaprio, in a performance that proves he can do foreign accents! He plays a Zimbabwean drug smuggler. I saw the film with my mate, Chris. One of the issues highlighted was the recruitment of children, by the Rebels (the RUF). These kids were pressed into service slaughtering innocent civilians as soon as they were able to hold a gun & pull the trigger....they were brain-washed & trained to kill indiscriminately...and the REALLY shocking thing was, there are still 200,000 child soldiers in Africa today! memorable moment in Blood Diamond came when the two main characters, Solomon Vandy (Djimon Housou) & Danny Archer (Leonardo) walk into a village, where most have been gunned down...they meety an old man - "Welcome, brother!" he says, then whispers to Solomon, "Hey, tell the white poochui not to shoot me, OK?" Solomon grins. "He's just crazy about diamonds," says he, circling his finger next to his temple. "I hope they never find Oil here," quips the old man, "Then we'll REALLY be in trouble!" We had to laugh. It was the only funny moment in the whole film.....

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yesterday's highlight, was, surprisingly, the Men's Fish'n'Chip Night at our Kindergarten! This is where men sit around very small tables, eating Shark & Tatie, and watching their kids play. Or something like was another fine, summery evening; and nice to meet other Kindy Dads.


The other evening, we attended Jamie's School Pool Schools in other parts of the world have Pool Parties? This wasn't a Swimming Sports thing; it was more of a "Splash about, eat food from the Barbie" kind of event. It's the 3rd straight year we've been to this Pool Party - but this year, was the first time we've had decent weather! It was HOT day on Tuesday; just as it was yesterday, too......

A Note....

Note to my regular readers.....I've been trying to post comments on your blogs, esp. you all - Ally, Lou, Fred, Julz - but the silly system won't let me (insert sad smiley). I login first, but it still doesnae recognise me....maybe if I take me specs off, and make eye contact? Ha, ha....(sigh).

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WHAT a Kerfuffle!

The other night, I was going out, to show some old folk a video...and I asked Margaret to close the gate, after I'd driven out the, I backed out; watched for her to come out...concerned that the Twins might sign of her...then I see the Twins rushing out... next thing I see, is Zoe's on her little trike, chasing Kittenpuss onto the road!!! Suddenly, a car stops to avoid the cat...I get out & scoop up Kittenpuss in my arms, lift him into the car; then turn the car around, so I'm just outside our house, and then go inside & get Margaret! She'd got distracted by a TV programme about the Whale Rider movie. Phew!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


This weekend, we finally have Summer weather, after a so-so December/January; so my wife & kids decided to go to the Bay....I wasn't in the mood yesterday, and, to my shame, I was only half-interested today (insert embarrassed smiley)...however, after an afternoon snooze, I went out in Margaret's car in search of them. I found then after about 15 minutes looking; they'd been on the North Mole fishing, with no success...we agreed to go along to the Beach...and we had a LOVELY time! It was the BEST "Beach Weather" we'd ever had (during a beach visit) since moving here. The Twins loved rushing in & out of the water; and Jamie had a marvellous time on his boogie board! :) The trip to the Beach also gave me a chance to try out my new Water Shoes, which I found were OK for driving, fine on hot sand, and great for climbing on rocks!

Book Quest Nearly Over!

For the past couple of years, I've been involved in a quest to complete my Target Dr.Who books collection; it may be about to be completed, as I'm in negotiations to buy the final Four! They are: Paradise Towers; Logopolis; The Savages; and The War Machines. The latter is the first story to feature Ben. Once they're all bought, I'm very keen to get hold of some decent Bookends.

Nearly finished the latest 1000-piece Jigsaw I'm's taken a lot longer than the Dr.Who one, as a) it's got irregular-shaped pieces; and b) there's no picture to work's a "Mystery" Jigsaw! The actual pic is a weird assortment of streets, parks, a clock, a nursery rhyme, a rotary 'phone dial, a Fireman's badge, Mice, & other things!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Morning Visit

This morning, I dropped the Twins off at Daycare, then did a little shopping... I then went to visit my new friend, Andy. We chatted over Coffee, & he showed me his motorcycle, a classic - the Yamaha SR500, a four-stroke single road bike. Nice! We went to an auction house next, & checked out another SR, which wasn't as smart as Andy's. It would've been good for parts.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Coffee Mug

Today, I got up early to feed Kittenpuss, and noticed a box lying outside our back door...ah-ha-ha, thought I! (Or thinks to that effect!) My new Coffee Mug has ARRIVED! It was still rather early - about 6:33am - so I put the box aside, & went back to bed. Later, after I'd got up, I opened it - it was indeed my new Talking Cybermen Coffee Mug! Wheeeeee! I bought it on eBay for just 3 Pounds 99p, which is under half-price (the postage was less than usual, too). Now I have the whole set of Dr.Who talking Mugs!

This morning, took the Twins to Playgroup...I wasn't sure if I was "in the mood" for Playgroup; but then I realised, these are the last 5 months or so of Playgroup - and the 3 other groups the Twins go to, in the morning - so I really should take them...I will miss taking them to all these groups, after all....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Books Arrive; Socialising

Thanks to those who posted a "Happy Birthday" comment. Also, a big Thank You to Ally for the lovely card! :)

Well, yesterday began positively, with 5 more Target novels (Dr.Who books of the TV series) arriving by Courier....3 were stories, and 2 were Programme Guides. So, I only need 5 more, & I'll have The Lot!! I've spent $ in the past year, trying to complete my Target collection. So far, I've got about 170.............

Last night, we went to the Tucker's house to have Tea & watch DVDs; we saw most of the pilot of the Sarah Jane Adventures; some Monk; some Dr.Who Confidential; and an episode of the weird Torchwood. A good night with new friends!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's A GOOD Day!

Happy Birthday to Me!
I'm out of my Tree!
I'm into Doctor Who,
And my family STILL Loves Meeeee!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

So far, I've got 4 cards, a new TARDIS coffee mug (it plays music), a TARDIS Phone Alert, a new T-shirt, and a badge! OK, 3 of the above were gifts to myself...but what the hey! :D) Also, a voucher for a hardware store, to start the buoding Our Dalek!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today was our National day, Waitangi Day, celebrating the treaty between us Pakehas (white skins) and the Maori people. So, Margaret didn't go to work...& we all went out to a.....

...I'd always wanted to go to one of these!! We took food, a blanket, some cans of pop, and 6 Teddys. Including...the two "Twin Bears", these have the year 2002 on their right feet - as I bought them just days after M. became pregnant with the Twins! They were born 8 months later. *** The highlight one the Picnic, for me, was competing in the Egg & Spoon Race, and getting a pair of pocket binoculars for my efforts...even though I came (aprox) 3rd last!

Tonight, I met my friend, Chris, at the cinema; we saw Prairie Home Companion, a movie based on the radio show of the same name. It was very good! Kevin Kline was outstanding, and even the unpopular (in the press) Lindsay Lohan put in a creditable performance; though she was, of course, outshone by her on-screen Mom & Aunt, Meryl Streep & Lily Tomlin. Also impressive was Woody Harrelson as a "singing cowboy." After the movie, we went to a bar & watched a little of the one-day Cricket.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Well, well, well. We're raising a Birdcatcher!! Our old feline, dear departed Pantherpuss, was very seldom accused of killing small critters...not so our Kittenpuss; he's offed 3 Birds in the past fortnight! This morning, I asked my wife in the pre-morning haze, "What's the cat doing?" as he scratched around our room. "Oh, he's playing with a slipper," she sleepily said. As it turned out, he was tossing a dead bird around the floor of our boudoir! Yuck!! ::)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Purring of the Kitten

Yesterday morning, our kitten woke me up as usual, pawed me while I took my early morning pitstop, then curled around my hairy legs as I fed him...I got some time for quiet snoozing back in bed, until he leapt in beside me...& worked his black nose into my left eye...I opened the other eye, & my vision was filled with his left ear! :D)

I Survived January..........

Well, I don't know if my regular readers have noticed yet - I suspect you have - but I'm not known for enjoying January! However, the one I've just had, was one of the best. I intend remembering that, for next year, during the onset of twenty-oh-eight. There was a lot of Fun Socialising this past January; and a shipload of new Dr.Who gear to keep me buzzing! Also, times I spent entertaining the kids - including the aforementioned socialising, plus taking Jamie to the Movies, and the Motor Racing, helped make January the best since, oh, I dunno...1992!