Friday, November 28, 2008

Mail Update

OK, so some of my friends may be aware...I keep a keen eye out for Val, our Postie - for the letters, packets & parcels she brings! Last Saturday, my patience (or lack thereof) was rewarded...I got TWO CDs in the mail, plus 1 Dalek t-shirt for Zoe! OK, it's not Pink, like I thought it's I'll dye it Pink for her. Then, I had to wait 'til yesterday, to get more...another CD, and another t-shirt; this time for little Ben! I could see one packet sticking out of the Mailbox from the kitchen window, and I was pretty confident there would be another, so I took Ben with me to carry them in...he enjoys that kind of thing... Okay it wasn't quite as exciting as when the Talking Dalek Hot Water Bottle Cover arrived two weeks ago, but hey, I love getting parcels!!!

There are still about 7 things due in the Mail...more CDs, an Alex Borstein DVD - Drop Dead Gorgeous, in a Down To Earth Kind of Way - two more t-shirts, and a Christmas present!


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