Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Quiet Day at Home

Well, this morning I had High Hopes of going to Playgroup, and drinking real Coffee with the many Yummy Mummys there....but the day had other things in store.......

Ben had a restless night. Thus, even though Margaret asked him several times to get up, he didn't surface until 25 mins after M. had departed for work! Finally, he rolled out of bed... "Where's Mum?" enquired Bunny. (we often refer to him as Bunny, or Benjamin Bunny). "She's gone to work," I replied. "ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!" he screamed, running back to bed... He came out several times, each time running back... Finally, he stayed up. I then tried to feed him his breakfast; and explained that I couldn't take them to Playgroup if he didn't eat up...I expect a 3-year-old brain can't grasp that! He finally finished his breaky about 75mins after Playgroup finished ::) So, we had a VERY quiet morning at Home.

Late this afternoon, I finished watching The Invsion (a Cyberman story, 1968) - I've been watching it with the Commentary, from Frazer Hines (Jamie), Wendy "Padders" Padbury (Zoe), and Nick Courtney (the Brigadier) - and there's TWO twists - 1, I've been watching an episode, them listening to the same episode on CD...and 2, I've kept a score of all the innuendoes on the Commentary!! Ha, ha! Great fun. The three actors get on very well together, and know each other very, very well; so it's a cosy little group. A rather enjoyable time...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Das Wochenende...

...in the Queen's English....the Weekend! :) Last night, we all went to Church! Well....to a Movie Evening with a Finger-Food Tea! Twenty-four children plus various parents & grandparents, gathered in our Church lounge to watch Happy Feet. A number of the smaller children found it hard to concentrate on the story, so they headed out to the Hall to play with basketballs :) We then had the FFT (finger-food tea) - pizza, chips, lamingtons, savouries, sausage rolls, etc! After the DVD, I put on Cars to amuse the kids who were still around. A good night had by all!

Today - Sunday - we went to a rather EARLY Church Service....half-an-hour early, in fact! :o This was because we were having a meeting after the service, to talk about possibly merging with another Church - St.Paul's.

This afternoon, we did some more work on my Dalek Project...I made a padded back-rest & installed it; cut out some more space for my feet; and we cut out & mounted the back panel of the Dalek's "skirt." Progress! :)

Friday, June 08, 2007


It's been a funny old week...I wish I'd blogged sooner, but oh well, here I am...

The Highlight would have to be on Wednesday, when our ex-Nanny, Maree, and I took the Twins down to Oamaru for a swim. Oamaru is a town by the sea, 80km south of here. It was a Playcentre trip; eight parents went down, some lucky ones (like me) had a helper. Oamaru has public baths which are much more "toddler-friendly" than any of the pools here in Timaru. There are little rock pools, floating toys, and a shallow pool much, much warmer than our indoor pool here. Maree changed Zoe in the Ladies, while I got Ben dressed for water play in the Mens. This was all new to the Twins, as we usually get changed in a Family Room! Soon, we were in the water...I got a couple o' photos taken by others; I only hope they came out OK!! The Twins LOVED the water, and the Hot Spa, too. Most of the other parents (I was the only Dad) wore t-shirts & shorts...why, I'll never understand... On the way back, we stopped at The Gardens for a bite to eat. The Twins loved the Elephant slide! It was as big as a real Elephant!

Monday, June 04, 2007


Yesterday, I discovered I hadn't gone to the Placemakers on the way home from Church, as I meant to...so I headed out the gate...and I noticed our neighbours at No.4...so I stopped to chat, even though I was on the wrong side of the road!!...I said, "Our youngest son should play with your son...if your son isn't at our place when I get back, I'll bring ours over to see you!" The child's Mum agreed. I went to get Ben after I got back from getting a bolt & pricing a couple of hole-saws; and he happily biked over to theirs. Once there, we discovered that their son was a bit older than we thought...! He'd grown rather quickly! I went home & got our other boy, and he was more acceptable, and the two boys played happily all afternoon :) It was the first time we'd been inside their house properly, in several years...good to get along with ones neighbours!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday Madness.....

The trouble with wet Saturdays, is the ankle-biters get restless...we went out this morning to the Placemakers store (a bit like BNQ for my UK readers), to buy floor tiles and get some more resources for Project Dalek...this time it was Builders' Fill to fill in the gaps between the panels of Dalekanium below Delia Dalek's waistline. Margaret & I discussed the finer points of ready-mixed filler versus a two-part solution...meanwhile, over in bathroom fittings, the boys had stuffed Zoe into a shower cabinet, and she had no intention of coming out...I managed to round up the troops, and Zoe pinched Ben's seat in my car, & his Doll, too... ::)

I was relieved to get home! Once back at Gallifrey (our bungalow), Margaret began frying doughnuts, while I made myself a couple of crisp sandwiches. I just LOOOOVE crisp sandwiches! :)

Much later, it's nearly 5pm and the kids are going stir-crazy...we went over to the Tuckers' house, and had a shared Tea of chicken, chips & pizza, followed by dessert of custard, ice cream, doughnuts & christmas pudding. I put on some Dr.Who on disc, and the kids started to slooooowly settle down....6 of their children were home, plus our 3 made for a full house!! It
was great to see them all again. :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Held Together OK

This arvo, I took the 3 kids to the Lime-Lite Cafe...getting be a regular thing, ever week...bought
them ice-creams, and got my Cappucino with a cookie. Must take their woolly hats next time!

Well, today I made Chicken Korma 4 the first time in a couple o' months, as the last time there was a barney & I went out for Tea...this time I held it together, and there were no rows. Tea-time was OK. Actually, the Korma was jolly delicious...

I wonder if anyone reads these ramblings these days...?