Sunday, January 13, 2008

Heat Wave

Heat? "OH, yes!!" - as David Tennant's Dr.Who would say! It's been the hottest January on record here in South Canterbury; and Timaru has had the highest temperature in the country - twice - in the past week!!

We've just got back from a mini-camping-holiday, in sunny Waimate. We stayed at the Kelcey's Bush Holiday Park, which is blessed with a LOT of animals!! We saw Turkeys, Wallabies, a big fat Pig, Possums, a Horse, Alpacas, Emus, Ducks....oh, and many others! I'll get some photos up soon. I took photos of Gobbo the happy Pig; and some pretty good ones (if I say so myself) of the Possums.

We stayed in our tent; it was only the 2nd time we had done so. Kelcey's Bush holiday park is a bit of a relic; I admit to making a crack about their antique playground - I wouldn't be surprised if Sir Ed Hilary (R.I.P) played on it, many years before attempting Everest! However, the kids loved it, and I 'spose that's what counts. They invented a game about breaking rocks, finding Gold inside 'em, and selling the result. Before arriving at the Camp, we stopped in the town of Waimate, so I could buy some drink...I bought 14 cans, mixed (soft & lager). Must admit to drinking a few too many Lagers, due to the heat! :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Early January

As I've said before, January is a difficult month...however, Jan 2008 is going well so far. I think the fact that Christmas 2K7 was pretty good, combined with having something to do - ie, building Delia the Dalek - is making January more bearable than in past years. I've been making good progress on the Dalek; lately I've been working hard on the Hemispheres (hereon referred to as Hemis). Also known as "Dalek Bumps", they're a lot more work than you might think! I've had to fill in holes in them; sand them, make wooden discs for them, seal them, etc...but it'll all be worth it!

The kids are enjoying their new Trampoline, which we have up again, after having a family of Dr.Who fans come to stay with us in the past week; they stayed in our tent, it was lovely to have them here.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful 2008!