Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday - Socialising

On Friday morning, we went out to see our flame-haired sis-in-law, Fiona, and her 4 kids; it was good to see them all. While there, Fiona's daughter, Grace, asked me to draw a flower - I drew one, and said, "This is half-tree, half-flower, and it eats giant flying insects!! Like, insects that are about 30cms across...and land on Earth & come out of spaceships!" She ran off, came back, and said, "You mean like this?" , pointing at an entry in a book about Dangerous Plants - the Venus Flytrap! "Yes, exactly like that," I smiled. "We have one at home!" After visiting there for a couple of hours, we went off & bought a Tent (scary!). On the way back to the car, I met another Dr.Who fan, for the first time - hope to meet him & his properly some time. He asked for my email address, so we may yet meet up in the future!

This arvo, we all went to the Park 'round the corner from here; Jamie went "Fishing;" mostly he caught leaves, but he didn't mind! :) Before he started, I met a stranger there - Kristin, from Jackson, Michigan. She is here in Christchurch visiting her grandchildren.

Thursday - Embryo, Embryo...!

We went to the Fertility Clinic on Thursday while my Daddy-in-law watched the ankle-biters; we had to discuss with a Counsellor, the possibility of donating our excess Frozen Embryos to another couple. Now, this has only just become legal in NZ; so it's all very NEW. The meeting went on for over 90 minutes!! We were asked to specify what kind of people we would like our embryos to go to; whether we'd like contact with any children that may result from the process; and so on...since we have about a Dozen excess embryos, we were told ours would be in demand, so it'll be interesting to see what develops!

Later, we went to Northlands shopping mall (a huge shopping centre), and I bought a discounted Dr.Who Toy; also bought a birthday present for our sis-in-law.


On Wednesday, we set off for Christchurch city; we left about 10:30am...after I'd finally found my car keys!! I have SEVERAL sets of car keys, but these are THE most important - my licence is attached to them! M. found them upstairs. Phew!

We arrived in Chch. at 12:17pm, which was a quick trip for the 156km journey (no motorway - tho there WERE 9 passing lanes). I was on time to meet my mate, Jeff, for lunch at the Uni of Canterbury; we lunched at the Cafe 101. A nice time! M. dropped me off & picked me up, having taken the kids to their grandparents in the meantime. On the way to Cashmere - where the in-laws live - we detoured into town, so I could visit the local sci-fi shop & buy a 2.5" R/C K9 - a reasonable buy at $70? "Affirmative, Master!"

That night, I went out & met a new bunch of friends..the Armstrong family. WHAT a lovely welcome!! The kids had drawn around 14 pictures for me - I was most impressed, that on 3 of the pics they had co-operated - the pic would be drawn by one, and coloured in by the other. How sweet! They'd even put Dr Who posters on the wall, to "Who-up" the flat for my arrival... they had been borrowed from the library! We look forward to swimming with them in the Atlantis-themed QE2 pools on Saturday.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday, Monday

This morning, we woke up to a whopper of a frost...frozen windows; frozen pipes...had breakfast (eventually); got my new Dr.Who Satchel (YAY!!!! cue celebratory dance!) - and went out with our ex-Nanny to the Shearers' Quarters, where I had an early Brunch of Nachos, and the kids played Mini-Golf, Maree (the ex-Nanny) had a scone, and we enjoyed feeding the animals! I hand-fed a Goat, two Donkeys and a Shetland Pony! :) A happy time...except for Zoe's 6-minute sulk, 'cos she wasn't allowed to hold the bag of animal feed pellets ::)

After lunch, I went to town, and exchanged something at a department store; also deposited some money to pay for something I'd bought on Trademe. Then I went for a Massage at the Chiropracter's Clinic. Oh, I also took TWO sheepskin rugs with last time I was there, the massage table was a bit on the hard side.....hey, I'm an individual, you know? :)

It's July :)

Goodness! You have a few busy days...and then you turn around, and a whole MONTH has gone by! It remins me of the line in an old Goon Show....

Seagoon: "Months went by....I couldn't stop them!" ::)

I'm keen to do more Blogging from now on; I went to do a Family Email last night, and I was only able to type 400 words! Couldn't remember everything we/I had done in the past fortnight...

The School Holidays are going better now that Wifey is on holiday, too! She worked full-time last week, so it was busy, busy, busy looking after TTC (Those Twin Clowns). On Friday I took them to the local Farmers (a nationwide department store) - it wasn't easy, looking at things I wanted to buy, while snapping "Put that back! I'm not buying that toy...TWINS! TO ME!" :)
I actually bought a pair of PJs - that should give you an idea how COLD it is here!! Winter have arrived, in a Big Way....I haven't worn Pyjamas in Years.....!