Saturday, November 29, 2008

Health Update

Well, my blood pressure has been monitored by my wife over the past couple of weeks; and yesterday, I saw my Doctor (about my knee). She checked my BP; it concerned her that it's so high, so she reviewed my I'm on 7.5mg of Inhibace, and she's doubled my dose of Felodipine to combat my high BP.

My Left Knee
When we lived on the Isle of Wight, my right knee became twisted, while I worked at McD's. Now, 11 years later, I've knocked my LEFT knee! It was X-Rayed last Thursday week; the bones are fine, but the ligaments and cartilage are suspect. She wants me to see an Orthopod.
I'll keep you posted.....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mail Update

OK, so some of my friends may be aware...I keep a keen eye out for Val, our Postie - for the letters, packets & parcels she brings! Last Saturday, my patience (or lack thereof) was rewarded...I got TWO CDs in the mail, plus 1 Dalek t-shirt for Zoe! OK, it's not Pink, like I thought it's I'll dye it Pink for her. Then, I had to wait 'til yesterday, to get more...another CD, and another t-shirt; this time for little Ben! I could see one packet sticking out of the Mailbox from the kitchen window, and I was pretty confident there would be another, so I took Ben with me to carry them in...he enjoys that kind of thing... Okay it wasn't quite as exciting as when the Talking Dalek Hot Water Bottle Cover arrived two weeks ago, but hey, I love getting parcels!!!

There are still about 7 things due in the Mail...more CDs, an Alex Borstein DVD - Drop Dead Gorgeous, in a Down To Earth Kind of Way - two more t-shirts, and a Christmas present!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Freaky Friday!!!

OK, so why is today Freaky Friday? It's 'cos, like, I was in the shower this morning, and I got thinking about yesterday....

So, I walked into this shop to buy some socks for my brother (and some for me). And floating down from the mezzanine floor, I hear the words, "Dr.Who.....Daleks...." So I called up to the floor above, "Did I hear the words, "Doctor Who?"...and this man looks down and says, "what" & I repeated the Q., and he says, "Aww g'day! We were just talking about you and your Dr.Who collection!!" *** I don't know these I was surprised to hear this!! OK, I did bring in my talking Dalek slippers, to get some Possum Fur insoles; maybe that was it....

Anyway, the upshot is, now they want me to bring in my Dalek Hot Water Bottle, so I can get her to talk to them. Funny old world, innit!


Naturally, I've been keeping an eye on the Money Markets. The $US has fallen by more than 23 cents against the $NZ since August, which is not good. It'll be quite a while before I buy another big box of Dr. Who goodies from the USA! The Pound, on the other hand, is looking much better.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Well, yesterday came & went; and not one CD was found in our Mailbox... :-( However, one WAS found in it today - the musical soundtrack of Dr.Who, Series 4! Hoorah! I'll play it on our way to see my Mum on Saturday; it's a drive of about 150 mins.

Today, I got my knee X-rayed; I'm hoping to find out what's wrong with it soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wacky Wednesday!

I'm feeling a little Wacky on this sunny summer Wednesday!! I've come to realise that I'll have to delve into my savings account to pay my credit card bill this month; more's the pity...good thing I haven't ordered much this month! I'd planned on ordering Zoe a Sonic Lipstick in addition to the stuff I've already got her for Christmas, but that'll have to wait now.

I have high hopes for the Mail today! No less than six Dr.Who CDs are on their way, from and eBay; so there's a lot coming to enjoy!! Two are stories read by ex-companions - Liz Shaw and Romana II, respectively; two more are Paul McGann & Sheridan Smith audiop plays; one is a classic story featuring Jamie, Zoe and the 2nd Doctor; and finally...the music from Series 4!!! YUMMY, SCRUMMY!!!! ;-p

I got something in the mail yesterday from the University, but it was only a newsletter from the Department of History & Philosophy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Exam.... first for 12 years!!! :-o

How'd it go?? Well Ally (and any other readers), I got there, finally having found out precisely where the local Poly is; and found the right lecture block. I asked "What happens if I wanna go to the loo?" The lady said, " can't! Can you go now?" I did; then (shortly later) it was time for the Blockbusters and Biopics Exam to start! There were two sections: (1) Short Answers - choose 10 questions of 30 and answer 'em quick!, and (2) - Short Essays. The Short Answers were easy questions like, "Who directed Doctor Strangelove?" and "Who played the Queen in Elizabeth?" Then I moved onto the three Short Essay questions. I wrote a lot about Mississippi Burning; and not quite so much about Elizabeth and Saving Private Ryan - but I think I may have passed!

After my Exam, I went to have my first-ever lunch in the Poly Cafe. I saw a huge dog there, on a lead, with a young woman - honestly, this canine would make a great sofa for a coupla 3-year-olds! I went up to pat him, but I stopped short when I saw the patches on his jacket that said, "Don't Pat Me, I'm Working." Fair enough, mate - you're doing a good job! I wonder how much the doggie makes b4 case you're wondering, he was a Psychiatric Services Dog.