Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fuzzy Wednesday...

I haven't blogged for the last few 6 days; silly dilly Computer has gone doo-lally, with the colours & definition about as sharp as a Bowling Ball.....I guess I'll have to live with it for a while! In the meantime, we're thinking about what to replace this Dog's Breakfast of a computer with.....!

Felt a bit "fuzzy" today; but I've functioned all right....this morning, I went to see old Stuart, who helped me with my lines, in Opportunity Knocks...while there, we watched a featurette on the making on Jonathan Creek. *** This afternoon, I visited my friend, Stefan, and we watched a Dr.Who DVD...then I had a Baby Mac combo for Tea, and picked Scott up for rehearsal. Tonight, rehearsal was in the Mirror Room at the Playhouse, where we practised our dances.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Big Quarter-Mill!

This morning, I visited Tabitha's for Coffee, & showed her a 10" by 8" framed photo of my fave Dr.Who Girl...swhe said, "I asked you not to bring that!" Feeling a bit disappointed in this response, I slipped off the the karzi...heard a commotion from the kitchen...came out to see a sheepish-looking Tabitha come up to me & say, " son has broken the frame of your photo!" I was concerned about this!...however, upon close inspection, the photo itself was not damaged. Phew!

This evening's rehearsal went very well, with some funny moments - ie, at one time, Paula held something up, & everyone laughed...I wasn't watching, so I said to Donna, "What was it, Donna?" She smiled, "She held up your Y-fronts!" It's good to know my Dr.Who briefs will get some a good airing in public!! :D)

Tonight, I noticed my wife's car has done over a Quarter of a Million sounds like it too! ;) Glad it's hers & not car's done less than half that!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Rainy Wednesday.....

Today, for the first time in ages, M. & I managed to have our morning showers, before the kids go up... a luxury these days! Had to dress the Twins in their jackets, that's not often the case...they looked so cute!
While they were at Daycare, I went to see Stuart, who helped me rehearse my lines for Opportunity Knocks. Picked up the Twins, and headed home....finished watching yet another episode of A Touch of Frost... then went to sleep in bed, with Pantherpuss; with the dulcet tones of his purring lulling me off to sleep...

...went to see my friend Stefan; saw some Dr.Who with was good to see him, we chatted, catching up. Went home, then went out for a I'm gonna have my Tea! :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Day of Socialising...

Visited two friends today; saw my friend Tabitha in the morning, & my twins played with her little son. In the early arvo, we went to see our Ethiopian friend, Wossen. Not a particularly remarkable day, really...nice to spend time with friends......

Monday, May 22, 2006

Pretty Good Day

Monday was a good day, all round; this morning, Margaret & I took our Twins to a Teddy Bears Morning at Mainly Music, which was fun & interesting. Went to town after that, and bought something I'd like a Dr.Who celeb to sign in future. Came home, had lunch, and soon after listened to another Goon Show on my bedside stereo, to hear more of the Grytpype-Thynne accent. As it turns out, Grytpype sounds his best when he doesn't dominate the he does in The Spon Plague!! ::)

Went out tonight, to help train some newbies on the Sound Mixing Board at Church...the organizing off the Roster his my job, and I'm the most experienced sound man at our Church, so I guess I consider the Sound Board to be my "Baby!" :) *** Had a large Cappucino @ McDonald's on the way home.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Highlight of today, was 5-and-a-half hours of rehearsing...3 costume changes, lots of singing, a new combination in one of the dances, and the director is pleased with my Northern accent! Overall, I've achieved a lot today...but I'm knackered.....! PHEW!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


This evening, I went out to The Playhouse, the theatre where I made my stage debut last year, in Dad's Army. The play is called Babooshka, and it was the New Zealand premiere! 5 women are seen popping in & out of changing rooms, changing everything except their knickers; exploring women's manipulation by the media, and the self-image of females from 20 - late 50's in today's society. Music included Kate Bush's fabulous Babushka (twice), and also music from Wagner! I like plays that have a cast of all women, I've seen 7 of them so far. OK, 2 of them were one-woman plays, but still..!

I spoke to all of the cast after the play, and told them all that they must come & see me at the Mill Theatre next month...then afterwards, got petrol & reminded myself..."You've told LOADS of people to watch you at The BE YOUR BEST!" Six hour rehearsal to come!

Who Nose Best?!?

Before going out tonight, I shaved once more, to look my best...cut my flippin' nose again, didn't I! ...I must stop doing this... :(

Friday, Full Day!

Well, yesterday was a full day, the morning, I took our Twins to Playcentre, where we enjoyed ourselves, and the two mothers there drew a life-size picture of my body, which was very "crafty," then we went out to get photos, and photocopies of photos...all Dr.Who prints/copies, to be framed & hung on our bedroom pelmet (sp?).....then in the arvo, I entertained the little 'uns; began getting the Tea ready, including frying up lots of Poppadums; picked up Jamie from School; and visited our Russian friends! After Tea - & after the babysitter arrived - Margaret & I went out to a friend's house, to use their Spa-Bath....lovely!!! :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Quick Thursday Blog...

Hi, just time for a quick blog before beddy-byes; I've been busy the last few days, what with a weekend away, kids to look after, people to visit, etc...tonight's rehearsal was brilliant - I took all 4 of my costumes along, and I was photographed in two of them!! My false moustache for the Inspector Winterbottom character was a might amuse some of you, to know it was made from fur left over from a Dr.Who monster kitset...!

To make you laugh (from the "I must Laugh At Myself" dept.) - I cut my nose shaving this embarrassing is that?! ;)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Busy Weekend Coming Up...

I shan't be able to Blog this weekend, as I'm off to Christchurch city with our three, when M. is flying to Wellington for cousin Kay's 40th Birthday...I'll be looking after my 3, with assistance from Daddy-O (my father in law, and all-round nice guy). Tomorrow a birthday party for Jamie's cousin James, @ Burger King; for myself, there's dinner with my old friend, Jeff, in the evening...something to look forward to! ;) Blog to you all on Monday......

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Creative Friend!

I had Coffee with my friend T. this morning; - "How do you like my dress?" She smiled, "I made it out of my husband's pyjamas!" I WAS impressed! ...and a little astonished! We had a nice chat, and I looked after her 1-year-old, Seth, while she popped out for a few minutes. Much later, I watched Dr.Who with my Twins, & they had an afternoon sleep. Tonight, the rehearsal went well...much better than on Tuesday! :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hedgehogs go Hog Wild!

Recently, Mrs.Nev noticed a patch of earth, scratched up by our back door... "It's the Hedgehogs!" she said. "They're going mad!" This makes perfect sense...our kids don't go scritch, scritch, scratch on the ground, like that...& anyway, it only happens at night! It reminds me of the "Old Jumping Hedgehog of Ranui," - we used to go to a social club in Ranui, in Auckland; there was a Hedgehog there, that came out in the daytime - and danced around, doing spins! Don't know if these Hedgehogs spin, but they certainly do scratch!! :D) They've srcatched-up an area of about 4 sq. metres...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mrs Nev!

Today is my wife's birthday; as with my own birthday earlier this year, hers was a mixed bag...she worked this morning, followed by a lunchtime presentation on Constipation & Incontinence...she does these little presentations from time to time! I organized a present from the children, and gave her one from myself, too - & we all had KFC for tea, which was yummy! *** I had "one of those nights" at Rehearsal tonight, but I'll get there..."right foot first; box step now...wiggle those hips; smile at the audience," etc...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lovely Sunday

Dilly Blog wouldn't post last night...oh well! On Saturday evening, Margaret & I watched Unknown Soldiers, another Inspector Frost case. At lunchtime yesterday, the kids sat with me while we watched two episodes of the new Dr.Who series, starring the dashing & oh-so-talented David Tennant. The Tardis has a new tenant! Ah, ha-ha-ha! (sheepish grin...).

...Today was a good day; a lovely service @ Church this morning; I had a sleep after lunch to assist my healing from my inflamed joints virus, and then I had a FAB rehearsal with the show tonight! :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tasty Snacks...YUM!

The only thing that might interest you lot about yesterday, is that I cooked up too many Poppadums (sp?) last night; so M. & I munched on them while I watched yet more Frost last night...!....whaddya don't like Poppadums?! ;)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Frosty" kind of Day! ;)

Today, what with my virus, & wanting a day off, I just took it easy...Margaret couldn't take any time off, so I boxed on, quietly - luckily the Twins had daycare; and they fell asleep this afternoon; in fact Ben (& my Pantherpuss) fell asleep on my I managed to watch THREE episodes of A Touch of Frost...dunno how I managed that! It was relaxing, & helps me to learn one of my accents for my new Play. You might say I'm "immersing myself in Frost"...brrr! Gets a bit chilly! The rehearsal went really well tonight; I'm getting on better with the rest of the cast. :D)

About Wednesday

Yesterday morning, I complained to Margaret that I'd been in pain for several days...she called out, "Go to your Doctor!" "I will," I replied - I thought later, us men aren't as quick to go to Doctor as women are... It was a bit of a job, organizing the Doctor's visit - she was double-booked, so I thought I might be quite a while, so I took the Twins to Jean's house... plus I really didn't fancy to energetic toddlers climbing all over me, while waiting for Nellie the Doctor!...organized a friend to pick up Jamie, too. Nellie said I had a virus that inflamed my joints - or words to that effect...I also got my prescriptions & anti-flu jab at the same time. I felt better after the neat medicine Nellie prescribed, I can tell you! :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Perfect Sugar Bowl

Well, if that was Tuesday, I've had it! ;)...what a good Tuesday...I won't bore you with my hunt for The Perfect Sugar Bowl, as it's a long, tedious story...but I got one; so I'm well pleased!! Suffice to say...I didn't want to spend $25 on the Sugar Bowl...I found one that came in at $19.99, so that's sweet - geddit? geddit? ::) It was a pretty social day; Sugar Bowls aside...I had coffee with my friend Wossen this morning, while the Twins enjoyed playing with her kids' toys while they were out. Later, we visited another friend, Olena, in her little house...they'll have a larger one soon, just in time for Child No.3! :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

EBay Avalanche Continues

Breakfast this morning was marked by grins of delight all round...first from myself, as I opened my signed photo of Noel Clarke (Mickey in Dr.Who, and Wyman in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) - and soon after cheers from all my kids, as my Talking Tardis Money Box arrived! Margaret's comment, "I don't think Daddy will want this," meant only one thing... it's something I'll be REALLY pleased to get, & I've been awaiting it with great! :) ;) *** This morning, Maree, our former Nanny, assisted me with the Twins at Mainly Music, the pre-schoolers singing & jumping around session. It was good to see her again.