Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ally's Challenge

01: Where were you born? Dunedin.

02: In what year? 1962.

03. What color is your hair? Brown – but going grey...I won't be able to
kid myself I'm a young man for much longer!

04. What color are your eyes? Blue.

05. How tall are you? 5’ 4-and-a-half"

06. What size are your feet? 7 - 8. Are they ticklish? Very.

08. What's your favorite movie? How long have you got?...currently, The Life & Death of Peter Sellers.

09. Whats your favorite TV show? Doctor Who, of course!

10. Who's your favorite actor? David Tennant.

11. Actress? Sarah Alexander

12. Type of music? Pop, Rock, Classical, and a little Ska...R & B, Jazz.

13. Artist/band? Lots...I like Bruce Hornsby; Dire Straits, Billy Joel....

14. Last album you purchased/downloaded (legally)? OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE - the TV Soundtrack.

15. Colour? Orange

16. Sport? You mean exercise, don't you.... I s'pose Swimming...

17. Food? Deep fried Scallops, followed by Butter Chicken with 3 large Poppudoms.

18. Season? Winter

19. School Subject? History.

20. Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? Coke - but I buy Pepsi.

21. Last 3 songs you listened to? On the 'puter? Ode to Billy Jo - Bobby Gentry; Rain Down - Phil Collins; Rain - Madonna

22. Last 3 things you typed into Google? Wacky Races; Why the KKK?; SHADO 2 Mobile.

23. Dogs or cats? Cats, unless the dog’s a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

24. Favourite soap (TV not to wash with) Coronation St.

25. Whats the furthest from home you've been? Kirkwall, Orkney Islands.

26. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Le Mans, to show my kids the 24 Heures du Mans.

27. Who was the last person who said hi to you? A "yummy Mummy" at Kindergarten.

28. Made you mad? My children. ::)

29. Helped you fix something? Can't recall...

30. Drove you somewhere? Uncle Robert & Auntie Cherryl drove me to Rangiora, to see their son in a play.

31. Bought you something? My wife bought me some new speakers for my car; bless her.

32. You called? Andy.

33. You Messaged? If you mean txt; that's be Ev, my brother.

34. Sang to you? Stuart Hughes

35. Read to you? My wife, Margaret.

36. Have you ever laughed so much milk came out of your nose? Yes.

37. Got gum caught in your hair? I think I have, but it's only a vague memory.

38. Ate Dog/Cat Food? No, I can usually afford human food

39. Kissed a dog? Define "dog"....

40. Aced a test? Not for a long time.

41. Stayed up all night? Not since 1987.

42. Gone a day without eating? Only when fundraising...

43. Gone 2 days without brushing your teeth? No...

44. Can you pat your stomach and rub your head in a circle at the same time? Yes, but I wouldn't like to try it after several bottles of Old Speckled Hen!

45. Stand on your hands?

46. Wiggle your ears? What, do I look like Fozzi Bear?

47. Speak another language? A little German.

48. Make a wine glass hum with your fingers? No.

49. Whistle? After a fashion.

50. Do you have a party trick? No.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Are Eight Enough?

Early-ish this morning, I rang my new neighbour, a nice bloke from South Africa. He asked me to call back in 15 mins; I did, and he invited me to bring my car 'round. I drove to his house - it's directly behind ours - and he kindly installed my CD Car Stereo for me; that I bought off my brother, Evan. It was good to chat with him. He & his wife are happy to be living here in Timaru, which is a lot safer than Johannesburg... It was impressive to see how he soldered connections swiftly right there in the car. I gave him a dozen bottles of chilled lager.

At lunchtime, our new friends arrived for a meal & a social time; the Klazinga family, and 6 of their children, arrived for lunch. I cooked soft Tacos for them; with Re-fried Beans, and garlic instead of onion, as Jim doesn't like onions. Luckily for us, both Jim & Julie like Doctor Who! :) They viewed my collection with interest. We managed to get many people round our table!