Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where's Nev?

No, really... Where are you, Nev?

Surely SOMETHING must have happened in NZ in the last 3 weeks!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Well, it's a VERY exciting Sunday; THREE major sporting events, none of them in NZ, but all of interest to many NZers! First up was the New Zealand vs. France world cup quarter-final; once again, the French have shown that they can come up with the goods when required! I really feel for the All Blacks, they must be gutted. I admit, I didn't think NZ would win this year's World Cup - but it was still bitterly disappointing to see it for myself! Roll on the World Cup of 2011; I may even be able to attend a game with my sons (it's right here in Aotearoa).

This afternoon, it's the SUPER CHEAP AUTO BATHURST 1000! Ford Falcon V8s vs. Holden Commodores; it's the most excitement that can be seen on the motor racing calendar, Down Under! I'll be watching that race, ALL arvo!!! It go for 7 Hours! More on that later.......

Tonight, on Sky (it's being recorded for me) is the Chinese Grand Prix; COME ON, LEWIS HAMILTON!!! The Brit rookie is set to be the FIRST rookie to win a Championship!!!!!! So, a BIG day........

Friday, October 05, 2007

"How are you?"

This morning, I waltzed out to the Mailbox on the street; and Val the Postie was just arriving there..."MORNING!" I cheerily greeted her! "How are you?" she replied. "Let's see, shall we?"
I quipped, as I lifted up the lid. (Nev picks up small packet) "I'm happy now!!" I exclaimed, looking fondly at the Dr.Who CD encased in cardboard! :-) :-D

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I'm feeling rather Emotional today......I mean, two weeks ago, I thought, "The pre-school activities the Twins (affectionately called TTC, or "Those Twin Clowns") go to are all over now....but I've still got four more sessions of Daycare to take them to!" ...I get on well with the Teachers at ABC Daycare, and they've been taking care of my kids for 6 years now.

At 12:30pm today, I picked up Zoe & Ben from ABC Daycare, for (possibly) the Last Time. They've had regular sessions of 3 hours each Wednesday & Thursday morning for the last two years, to give me a break. I'll miss taking them there...from now on, they'll be going to morning Kindy. All the activities that I've taken them to over the last 4 years, are over now...still, things change........and there'll be a similar post 12 months from now, when they finish Kindy & begin going to School...

On the plus side, I got another DVD in the mail today...RED DWARF V :-)