Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday the 20th

Last day of the School Hols, and aren't I glad!!! Oh, I love my kids...but they're not always easy to entertain, especially when they want to watch different things on the telly! I was blessed the last 3 days; I took them to see 4 different families, where they played with a total of 8 kids, and had a great time. Might take them visiting again this afternoon, if it's convenient with the Family X.

A Slightly Icky Topic

Well, it's official....I'm SICK of being constipated!!! For the last year or two - especially on Thursdays (I've no idea why), I've had the most AWFUL, this week I've begun taking Metamucil (and no, this isn't an advert!). Metamucil is a diet supplement that helps's no good trying to fight Daleks if I have to spend 40 minutes on the bog!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


By popular request, I'm posting my first blog in 11 days! And I have some interesting news... that I haven't posted on MySpace yet!!!

Last Saturday, I attended my first Armageddon Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention, in Christchurch city, here in sunny NZ! Naturally, I had to draw attention to myself (a natural exhibitionist, I)
- and went dressed as Tom Baker's Doctor! I wasn't quite thrilled with my costume, before I went - the trousers needed replacing, so I asked Auntie Cheryll to look for some for me - she very kindly got me some that were a PERFECT fit, last Friday morning! Plus, I bought a waistcoat on Trademe (the NZ version of eBay) for just $5; it arrived at my in-laws house just 30 secs before I left for Armageddon! I strolled in the door, headed straight for the TARDIS, stepped inside...and put the waistcoat on! I exited the TARDIS, to hear a youngster say, "Look, it's Doctor Who!" I was thrilled...the TARDIS prop was built by Glen, who also had two Daleks there - I'd be talking to someone, and they'd say, "I think you're being attacked!" I would have to turn, and sternly reprimand the Dalek (most likely containing Dean - that Dalek usually resides in his bookshop!).

Earlier in the morning, I rang up my friend Cheryl, in Dunedin (my home town); she couldn't get to Armageddon, and I offered to get some autographs for her. She was THRILLED! - she said, "It's like a phone call from heaven!!!" I got her autographed photos from Avery Brooks - Star Trek : Deep Space 9; and Don S Davis - Stargate SG.1. Also, I met John Rhys Davies (Gimli from the Lord of the Rings); and bought a signed photo of Garrett Wang (Star Trek : Voyager). I met lots of interesting people, and gave Jelly Babies to some of them...the few who didn't want any, I zapped with my Sonic Screwdriver!! I also met the guys from Bro'town (a NZ cartoon); and the voice of Sandy Cheeks, from Spongebob Squarepants - I bought a DVD for Jamie, and she signed it!!

It was the biggest bunch of freaks & geeks I'f ever seen in my life; there were medieval monks, Star Wars characters; me; and many, a DVD sale; a toy sale (Toyworld); comic, sci-fi & other fantasy shops had stands; pillow fighting; wrestling; pizza eating contests, etc etc!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday 2007

Hi, folks! It's me.....back after many days adventuring on MySpace!!! I've spent about 12 - 14 hours on MySpace in the past 6 days, making new friends, answering messages, and doing-up my Page. If anyone wants to check it out, it's at:

...esp. as I've put a new background pic on...after finally working out how to! Thanks to Sammy from the West Midlands, too; credit where credit's due. *** Lazy day planned 4 today...maybe more work on our Dalek Project...we are going away next Wednesday (it's the School Hols here in NZ), for a few days; I'll be attending the Armageddon convention, so that'll be a first!

Monday, April 02, 2007


On Saturday, we all went down to the Bay & went to the Easterfest. This was billed as a "free family festival," and it was that, all right! Free train rides; free bouncy castles; free pikelets, hot cross buns, decorated biscuits, barbecued fish, sauages, drinks, music, stories, and education...about the Real Meaning of Easter. We all went through the Stations of the Cross...I carried a Cross; I was "tortured" (Jamie did that, and I bet he loved it!); someone washed my feet; we went into (and out of) the was really good! The kids got free Balloon Animals, too. Just over the hill in The Loop, the Gypsies were having their Fair...funny how they always have it at the same time as Easterfest!!! Anyhow, it was pretty exhausting, as we were at Easterfest for about two-and-a-half hours. The really good thing, was, it was great to see so many people from lots of different churches, working together to put on the Fest. Also, some cover bands were there, playing oldies on the back of a truck.

After I went to Church on Sunday night, I went to visit my mate, Wally. He's an accountant, who became a Funeral Director. I showed him special features from disc 5 of Season 5 of Six Feet Under; about the impact on funeral directors of the show.