Friday, January 23, 2009

Heat Wave!!

Time again to flog the Blog. MAN it is hot!! Reminds me of some lines from Good Morning, Vietnam - "Fool, why it's HOT, I told you again!!! What were you born on the SUN? It's DANG hot!" "What's the weather like right now?" "You got a window? Open it." Hot, hot, hot....I've had three cans of pop; three bottles of lager; I've startin' on the Scotch.....I might de-tox over the Weekend......we'll see...

Today, I drove the local Model T Railcar for the first time, with my own passengers, since 2005!!! Has it really been that long?! I only had 6 passengers over the whole day, but they were attentive & interesting! Tomorrow, I plan to get snapped in LOADS of t-shirts, for a new online photo album. AND - maybe a little Auditioning!