Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well, Sunday dawned overcast, & I was optimistic; we went to Church, & I was on the Sound-desk again...the sound mixing board wasn't behaving itself; the Rev. suddenly lost all sound, & so I tried something new...I pushed up Monitor 2...the sound came back on again - go figure! ::)

We hurried home to get the washing on the line, and to find an old photo....and to go & have lunch, with some New (Old) Friends....let me fill you in: about 5 weeks ago, I went to a Carol Service out in the country...after the service, this guy said to me, "You're Neville, aren't you..?" "Yup." "I knew you, 15 years ago!" He told me his & his wife's names, and I thought, hmmm...they sound vaguey familiar!! I went 'round to theirs for coffee, and we got on well, so we agreed to meet up in the New Year....so we popped 'round there for Lunch on Sunday. Deon & Janette have a "hobby farm" of just 20 acres, where our kids had a wonderful time riding the horse (with help), riding with Deon on the Quad Bike, and looking for a lost chicken!


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