Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A GRRREAT Day to be a Fan! :D)

Monday was a fan-tastic Day! ....sorry, bad pun there...! It began with a parcel arriving on the back doorstep; it turned out to be two Toys for my collection; a Cyberman and David Tennant! Soon after, I pinned them to the wall, still in their boxes. A short time later, the 2nd parcel arrived...it was Jamie's Sonic Screwdriver....but he hadn't saved the full cost of it, so I had to put it away. However, on reading the invoice, I found the Shop (in Essex) had charged us a lot less postage than we thought they would...so Jamie had only $1 to go, to pay for his new Toy! We told him, "If you're good this evening, you might get your Sonic Screwdiver!" He didn't click that it was in the house...he was good, & I gave it to him after I got home from showing a DVD to some old folks. He was THRILLED! :)

...but, I digress. Let's get back to the morning! Also it the box with Jamie's new SS, was my new Tardis Flannel! I can now wash me face, with a Tardis! Hee-hee!!! ;) ....and last but not lost, was a small packet from Whirlybird, who kindly sent me the Dr.Who Christmas Special on DVD; all 5 of us sat down at breakfast time yesterday & watched it...it was funny, sad, scary, wacky & brilliant!


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