Sunday, January 07, 2007

Carnival Funtime!

Yesterday, I opted out of going to the Carnival, deciding instead to stay at home...the family came home, reporting that they'd had great fun, riding the antique Merry-Go-Round. I thought....GEEEEE....I wish I'd been there!! It's a lovely sight, seeing the Twins on the century-old Merry-Go-Round...& I thought, well, why don't we go back on Sunday?? It's the last day of the Carnival! (It runs for over two weeks). So, I dug into my TARDIS-shaped piggy bank, & took the family back to the Carnival. I shouted the Twins on the Merry-Go-Round, the three of us went for the two of them cost just $4! - there's no charge for adults; as long as they're standing. It was grrrreat!


Blogger Freddie said...

i'm so glad you changed your mind you will always have the vision of the twins smiling and laughing because their Daddy is the best for taking them back for another day of fun at the Carnival..

have a nice day..ox

11:47 PM  

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